End of filming the Hurghada scene with "cell 7"


The film "7th Dungeon", filming the work scene, scheduled for Hurghada, ended last week.

Several action scenes in tourist villages, including the place of fire, were canceled because foreigners' claims, agreed upon by the film's producers in the desire not to cause inconvenience to tourists.

The film will continue filming next week in several areas in Cairo, the final scene of the work that will be ready to be displayed in the half-year season.

The film "Cell 7" revolves around an interesting social drama, featuring Nidal El Shafei, Nasri Maya, Ahmed Zaher, Ehab Fahmy, Ayman Keshk, Abeer Sabri, Menna Fadali, Medhat Teheh, Ahmed Tihami, Imi Islam and Mona Mounir.

The film is a script and dialogue for Hossam Mousa, production of "AlKing" Bilal Sabri, Salah Younis and Ayman Kishk, artistic producer Awad Maher, directed by Abram Nashat.


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