Tuesday , December 1 2020

Debate between well-known Egyptian journalist and Israeli military spokesman over the image of Muhammad Ramadan

Debate between well-known Egyptian journalist and Israeli military spokesman over the image of Muhammad Ramadan

Israeli military spokesman Avichai Adraei

Egyptian journalist Ahmed Moussa lashed out at the tweet of Israeli military spokesman Avichai Adrai, in which he published an account recently on behalf of journalist Ahmed Moussa, attacking Iran and “Hamas” and supporting Israel.

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Muhammad Ramadan in his first commentary on his photo with an Israeli artist (video)

Today, Sunday, the Egyptian journalist confirmed that he does not have an account on “Twitter”, and that his program only has an official page on “Facebook”, which shows that he does not consider Israel a “state” and considers it an “enemy entity.”

Moussa points out that “maybe” Israel created this “fake” account in his name, to exploit his name and fame.

Moussa stressed knowing the truth about the image of Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, with Israeli singer Omir Adam in Dubai, UAE.

On the opposite side, the Israeli military spokesman told Ahmed Musa, “Syed Ahmed Musa al-Karim! It is not my fault if someone impersonates your name on Twitter.”

He added, “The purpose of the tweet is to pay tribute to the written word, which strengthens convergence and supports the foundations of peace between Israel and the countries in the region.”

Adraei found Moussa’s response “exaggerated”.

This comes after the social media bustle yesterday, Saturday, with a lot of angry comments and criticism, because of the image published by the account “Israel Speaks Arabic”, which is affiliated with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The picture says: “Art always unites us.”

Adraee also published a photo of Muhammad Ramadan with Israeli singer Omir Adam, accompanied by Emirati Hamad Al Mazroui, and commenting on the picture, saying: “What the most beautiful art, music and peace! Great Egyptian artist Muhammad Ramadan with brilliant Israeli artist Omer Adam in Dubai. “

Alaa Mubarak, son of late Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak commented on Avichai’s tweet about images of Ramadan and Israeli artists, and called on Adraei to recall “the most beautiful victory in October,” referring to the war between Egypt and Israel in 1973, and said: “Avichai, picture it will be yours.Let us remember the most beautiful victories in October, and the best warriors in the world, on good mornings.

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