Wednesday , July 28 2021

Corona continues its progress in the area … for you, new ones

The Crisis Management Committee in Koura District announced the registration of 22 new positive cases in Koura over the past 24 hours, which were distributed as follows: Anfah 12, Kfarhata 1, Ijdabrin 1,

Btouratij 1, Amioun 1, Al Nakhleh and Al Khas Hara 1, Bahboush 1, Aba 1, Rasmasqa 1, in verification 2.

The committee called for “the application of strict precautions, especially with regard to muzzle use outside the home and adherence to social distancing, to prevent the spread of the virus and to maintain public safety,” and appealed to the injured, “the obligation to comply with home quarantine under penalty of liability. replied, “wish them a speedy recovery.

As well, A daily report by the Disaster Management Chamber in Akkar Governorate recorded 37 new cases of the coronavirus that emerged, one death and 33 recoveries.

The new victims were distributed to the following towns and villages: Rahba 4, Tikrit 4, Halba 3, Benin 3, Wadi Khaled 2, Akkar Al Atika 2, and Telhamira 2.

And one injury was recorded in each: Talbira, Talbiba, Beit Ayyub, Al Sahla, Bazal, Barqayel, Burj Al Arab, Al Muqayleh, Amayer, Al Hesa, Mashta Hassan, Marah Al Khoukh, Majdala, Ain Al Zeit, Anqat, Adbal, Talhaya.

Meanwhile, the Zararia municipal government announced in a statement that they had detected a new infection with the Coronavirus, and asked all contacts to self-quarantine and call 03204508 to carry out a pcr check for contacts.

In turn, the municipality of Haret Saida and the Corona crisis cells “Hezbollah” and “Charity Movement” announced registrations of new infections with the “Corona” virus, which are under home quarantine.

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