Bupa's Arab profits increased to 245 million riyals in the third quarter


BUPA Arabia for Cooperative Insurance increased 12.8% in the third quarter of this year on an annual basis.

The company said in a statement at Tadawul on Thursday that its profits reached 244.78 million riyals during the third quarter of 2018, compared with 216.98 million riyals for the third quarter of the previous year.

This increase was mainly due to higher profits from investment and other income up to SAR of 48,294 thousand compared to SAR of 34,623 thousand for the same quarter last year, an increase of 39.5%.

Operating costs, including provision for unsecured city insurance premiums, decreased by SR 14.169 thousand compared to the same quarter last year, a decrease of 5.5%.

The company's profits for the first nine months of this year rose to 432.99 million riyas compared to 399.45 million riyals for the same period last year, up 8.4%.


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