Saturday , May 8 2021

Battle # finger biting & # 39; is going on .. Who will shout first?

Imad Marmal wrote in the Al-Jumhuriya daily: The battle of "biting fingers" between the troops concerned continued with demands to represent a consultative meeting of independent Sunni deputies in the government. Nothing gives a clear indication so far of his intention to resign from his famous position, after everyone became a prisoner of the high ceilings they promised to the public, which meant that waiting would be long until one party felt tired and screamed first.

While the March 14 forces tend to give "Sunni knots" an Iranian dimension and relate it to Tehran's need to use its paper in regional squares, including Lebanon, in response to US sanctions, the March 8 faction insisted that their position was "my country" Murni, considering that if there is a regional thread of the crisis that arises, it might be related to opposition from several capitals supporting President Saad Hariri to represent the year of resistance and the Arab Minister in the government.

It seems that each local party is still waiting for the other party to suffer fatigue or shame, under the weight of the crisis caused by the author and the economy and finance, the initiator to free and dissolve the swollen node, which is afraid of acting on the basis that the current stage is not to pay Settle bills, but for political tactics and negotiating maneuvers to increase understanding later on.

If Hizbullah's opponents consider that the party is humiliated by its ally President Michel Aoun and public opinion because it is responsible for disrupting the birth of the government, and that may be the first to show flexibility under political and media pressure, and "we must end a little" From " party "they stressed that he was an expert in" finger biting "fights, and had a long history. Therefore, those who bear much tougher pressure at some stations will not be affected by what some of them are currently advocating for, especially because he believes in the rights of the six demands of independent deputies and that he must stand beside them for moral reasons and politics.

While the head of the Free Patriotic Movement tried to fill the "lost time" with the political movement that was still "vaguely safe," Bassil held a meeting yesterday with members of the "consultative meeting" MP Abdel Rahim Murad and discussed with him the possibility of holding a meeting with six meeting members , After the Foreign Minister met for the past few days, both deputies Faisal Karami and Adnan Trabelsi.

It is known that Murad went by telephone to Bassil, said: "Minister, you work your account or reformer to kill the murderers." After receiving logistical details, the two men agreed to hold an expanded parliamentary meeting on Monday, in principle, and Basil will return to contacting Murad to determine the hours.

As for the meeting between Hariri and the "consultative meeting", it seems that the term has leaked and the date is getting closer, while the two sides adhere to the "hard" attitude.

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