Tuesday , July 27 2021

Bassem Yajour to the muscle of a Syrian representative: Alfotoshob is very good

Syrian star Jazour named his teammate Talal Mardini on Sunday, after publishing a picture that monitored his body muscles, saying: Habib's heart Bravo Alfotoshob is very good.

Mardini replies: God forgives you, Ghali, where Mardini is in the United Arab Emirates, to continue shooting the scene in the series "Ahla Ayam" by him.

The series was directed by Saif Al-Sheikh Najib, produced by Art Vision, and starring Syrian actors Yemen Al-Hujai, Madiha Kanifani, Wael Zaidan, Khalid Haider, Lebanon Rola Shamia, Emirati Bilal Abdulla, Egyptian Rougina and others.

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