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At the end of 2020 .. What’s the best “iPhone” phone you can buy? – Erm News

At the end of 2020 .. what phones are the best "آيفي ...

The American company “Apple” recently launched a wide range of “iPhone 12” phones, with which the company surprised the world in the variety and range of phones to suit all segments and spectrum,

The American company “Apple” recently launched a wide range of “iPhone 12” phones, which surprised the world with, in terms of variety and range of phones suitable for all segments and spectrum, and enhanced them with high technical specifications.

Buyers stand confused when trying to buy an iPhone, as models vary widely in specifications, but the price of the phone is what will ultimately govern the purchase decision, and among the most prominent “iPhones” that can be purchased to enjoy their quality and specifications at a reasonable price are:

iPhone SE

The smallest phone from Apple in the iPhone product line is the ideal solution for anyone who doesn’t want to carry a big phone and wants an older generation phone that can be carried and handled with one hand, and whose price is acceptable to everyone.

iPhone 12

The phones are best suited for different segments of phone users, whether they are “Apple” enthusiasts or other corporate phone users who want to deal with the “Apple” experience or who can’t afford the exorbitant prices of corporate America.

iPhone 12 Mini

This phone offers an acceptable mix for small cell phone lovers offering high technical specifications and superior performance than other generations of phones achieved in this phone, which surprised the “Apple” technical community around the world this year.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

It is an ideal device for lovers of entertainment, gaming and content viewing in the first place, who focus on using their mobile phones to take pictures and videos, because it is characterized by its large screen, and its processing power provides great capabilities.

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