Friday , August 6 2021

A ‘human monster’ raped a little girl and took her from one southern region to another without mercy … Some got involved and the mother of the attacked was facing them !!!

He claims “GF.” (Born in 1982 / by Syrian nationality) and who live in the Al-Bissarya region against each of the F. a. (Born in 2003), who lives in Haret Saida, and named RN (Born in 2001) for the crime of kidnapping her little daughter, ZH. She was born in 2008 on the 14th of this month, according to the correspondent “Lebanon 24”.

According to the reporter, the patrol was transferred from Haret Saida police station to A. a. He is taken to the police station, and it turns out that he committed an offense after he confessed during an investigation that he had illegal sexual relations with the girl, and he also confessed to dissolving her virginity.

By reviewing the competent court, His Excellency pointed out that A. Yang mentioned above and left all that was arrested GP And MT Dan you. A. Fulfill residence and delivery bonds g. To a special association for the care of children, keep records open, and work to assign patrols to the Jezzine and accompany minors. A. As a guide to guide patrols to hotels that receive them and to call hotel owners.

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