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A 9,000-year-old stone mask found in the West Bank

A 9,000-year-old stone mask found in the West Bank

Thursday – 21 Spring I 1440 H – November 29 2018

Mask dates back to the Neolithic period (AFP)

West Bank: Middle East Online

A rare stone mask from 9,000 was inaugurated on Wednesday in the West Bank occupied and linked to the beginning of the farming community.
The newly discovered mask is one of only 15 masks as in the whole world, 13 of which are private collections of individuals, making it difficult to learn.
The Israeli Antiquities Authority reported that pink and yellow sandstone masks were found near the eastern settlement of Hebron and handed over to authorities earlier this year.
Ronit Lobo, an archaeologist at the authority, said this rare mask was used by people as part of ancient worship rituals. "The discovery of stone masks made of such perfection is very interesting," he said, "because the size is accurate and perfectly proportional, and even the cheekbones have been identified, as well as a beautiful nose and mouth with distinctive teeth."
Archaeologists believe that the mask, which probably originated in the Neolithic era, may have been made to be worn or displayed, because there are four openings on the edges that must be delayed.
The mask was intended to explain the period of deep transformation, human transition from primitive life to permanent stability and organized agriculture, the transformation that led to the emergence of the first cities and writings.



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