What kind of cheats Latvian citizens who managed to cheat Facebook users?


On Facebook's social network, a woman named Marite wrote herself in a difficult situation and asked for help, and then she made an apology, broadcasting "Without Taboo".

I found a deadly virus known for six hundred years. Nobody survived this. This is encephalitis meningitis sepsis. In fact, they are five deadly viruses.

For a long time, the social portal had read a woman named Marite, where she described the cheese in the live story. It's about a serious illness that has happened to him about the doctor's reluctance to him. It's hard to go with farms and livestock and that's why they were forced to ask for help from people. His article read many comments, which when reading, it was clear that many were willing to help him.

Comments on Facebook:
"I can help with dishes, but I am Liepaja. Also, a garden inventory like that will be placed."

"Where are you? I can try to help."

What's very confusing is the comment that a woman has a conversation with someone who knows a woman. It revealed that Mrs. Probably the owner of a brothel, has fallen into the nail of the police and has to go to the bread or the country's prison for several years. Some comments indicate that the profile was specifically created for assistance.

When "No Taboo" arrived at the woman, it was seen that the chicken was sucking pigs and sheep. There are two young men who work at home everyday. The hostess is in the room.

"I found a deadly virus known for six hundred years. No one survived this. This is encephalitis meningitis. In fact, they are five deadly viruses," Mārīte said.

The doctor had just lowered their heads, because the name given by the woman was not a deadly virus. These are three diseases. Meningitis, encephalitis, sepsis.

The woman said she didn't do anything bad. Money does not require sacrifice, it needs clothes, used objects. It sells collected herbal teas itself, has leased forests and land.

It should be noted that after a visit to & # 39; No Taboo & # 39; a woman had posted an apology article on her Facebook profile, acknowledging everyone to be faked, but now both notes – both prayer and apology – were deleted.



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