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Victory Park can be redesigned and affixed with nameplate / Day

A working group will be formed in Saeima to discuss this and other solutions, said Richard Kool, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee (VL-TB / LNNK). The working group can also approve new monument names – different names are being used.

In connection with the work of the Task Force, Kol said on social networks that he would work on the new Law on Construction and Victory Field Development. The law is intended to define "whose victory is at stake" and the law "will accurately reflect our history and experience," the politician said. At the commission meeting, he noted that the construction of the Victory Field during the first period of Latvian independence began to mark the victory over the Bermuda people in the struggle for independence.

At the commission meeting, contradictory signals were made about how realistic the task force could be to recommend that the monument be dismantled. On the one hand, it was shown that while the agreement with Russia on this issue was valid, Latvia had no right to demolish, while on the other hand, there was a suggestion that the working group could also recommend demolition. Deputy Ojārs Ēriks Kalniņš (JV) said that the demolition might not occur physically, but "psychologically".

The biggest debate was caused by proposals to denounce or override the obligation of articles governing preservation of memorial buildings with Russia in the first half of the 1990s, discussed by the Foreign Committee and presented by Kola. Cole allowed the Foreign Affairs Committee to vote or call for the rejection of the article.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said at the meeting that the resignation proposal was an integral part of the agreement on withdrawing Russian troops from Latvia. A representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that he "saw certain risks" if Latvia unilaterally tried to criticize the norm, as not stipulated in the agreement. He acknowledged that anyone might have questions about whether Latvia was prepared to fulfill its obligations under an agreement with Russia about withdrawing troops. The MFA spokesman also referred to "the Russian commitment in this regard".

At the same time, representatives from the Foreign Ministry stated that the ministry had an ungrateful role because in relation to this "Pardaugava facility", which the ministry "had no sympathy", it must be demonstrated that Latvia must comply with international obligations.

These statements were made during a shocking debate by Deputy Col and were criticized by Deputy Janis Dombrava (VL-TB / LNNK), who said they said that if Latvia denounced the rule, then Latvia as a member of NATO Russian troops would be brought in.

Parliamentary Secretary of the Department of Justice Juris Jurashs (JKP) stressed that there is no doubt that the monument at Victory Park is a symbol of the occupation regime, which violates public pride. He stated that action on this issue must be taken in light of the risk assessment.

As reported, the commission met in connection with a citizen initiative to dismantle a monument in Victory Park.

In 2016, the majority in parliament rejected a collective application for "renovation of the real Victory Field" in Riga.

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