Tuesday , May 18 2021

"VEF Rīga" almost reached 17 points deficit, but lost "Astana" – Basketball – Sportacentrs.com

Starting at five
VEF Riga: Durems, Ate, Grazulis, Meyer, Zeks
Astana: Clemons, Jergali, O & # 39; Brien, Horton, Grosels

In the first quarter, for the most part, VEF manager Riga, and at the sixth minute Andrejs Grazulis also at 17:11. For the next three minutes, homeowners were left without points and opponents reached equalization, but after the first quarter "VEF Rīga" was already in incest at 23:25. Seven points have been collected by Andris Mister. Three minutes before the end of the first half, VEF Riga only returned to 33:35 and one minute later, the deficit was five points (37:42), but the last 100 seconds really failed – just one minute before the first round, VEF Riga made I burned with 37:47, but for the rest of the time one bad attack followed the other, the opponent fined the house for every mistake and the score was 37:54.

During the first half break, in the second half, "VEF Riga" started with seven consecutive points, but, at this time, due to active protection, Arturs Ausnieks came to nonportative records and Astana recovered slightly. "VEF Rīga" worked very well in defense and was also attacked, after long distance Ate, reduced the deficit to 49:56. Then VEF Rīga approached 58:61. Although at the end of the quarter, three penalties were dropped consecutively by Michael Jenkins, the Latvian team also continued to approach and lost only 62:64 before the last ten minutes.

In the fourth quarter, a number of tactical mistakes were made, and Rigans lost 64:70, after which Durem was unpredictably defended, followed by unsportsmanlike comments and a total of three additional points added. Although Andrejs Gražulis again reduced the deficit to six points with distance, "Astana" continued to press the bowl to support him and lead the duel to victory.

Razgis dropped Grazulis and Zeks with 15 points, while Ate appeared with ten points. Meanwhile, "Astana" consisted of Kazah, the 23rd majestic place, Alexander Zhigulin.

In this "VEF Riga" match in the Premier League, American Andrew Andrew and Beiden Jackson made their debut in the Premier League, dragging nine and four points respectively.

This is the last week before the breakout and VEF Riga is expected to play two more difficult matches – on Thursday in the Latvia-Estonia league match against Kalev / Cramo in Tallinn, but on Sunday in Saratov there will be a single league match against Avtodor.

VEF Riga – Astana 71:93 (23:25, 14:29, 25:10, 9:29)
VEF Riga: Zeks 15, Grazulis 15, Ate 10, Misters 9, Endrjuss 9, Durems 6, Jackson 4, Meijer 3, Husky 0, Stumbris 0, Janičenoks 0, Chavars 0
Astana: Žiguļins 23, Grosels 18, Jenkins 14, O & # 39; Brien 11, Horton 11, Clemons 10, Jergali 3, Marcus 3, Baizins 0, Scherbaks 0, Murzagalijevs 0, Gavrilovs 0

VTB League, overall ranking

V Team U-Z %
1 CSKA 8-0 100.0%
2 Khimki 8-0 100.0%
3 Unics 6-1 85.7%
4 Zenith 4-2 66.7%
5 Lokomotiv-Kuban 4-3 57.1%
6 Astana 4-3 57.1%
7 Kalev / Cramo 3-5 37.5%
8 Enisejy 3-5 37.5%
9 Avtodor 2-4 33.3%
10 Zielona Gora 2-4 33.3%
11 Nizhny Novgorod 2-5 28.6%
12 Parma 2-5 28.6%
13 Tsmoki 1-6 14.3%
14 VEF 1-7 12.5%

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