The struggle for kandava kartodrome – 5500 signatures have been collected for the restoration of activities


About 5,500 signatures were collected on updates from Kandava city-karto operations in the city and surrounding area, Kandava County Council head Inga Priede (LZP) informed the LETA agency.

The signing campaign in the district has ended with the support of around 5,500 people. In addition, residents of the nearby Prie┼żu road have also registered for the restoration of karting work.

The appendix explains that after the fest, documents will be prepared for submission of information to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and Education and Science and, perhaps, to the Ministry of Health. Usually, it will be used for litigation against at least four track actions.

The chairman of the city council said that stopping the track work would cause losses to the owners of the cartons, besides, "Kartodroms" Ltd. would not be able to receive EU support for reconstruction projects already implemented, because it was not possible to achieve the goals set in the project if the track did not .

In turn, the collection of signatures on the portal company "" continues. Until Tuesday afternoon, 620 people signed a call for the recovery of the cartodrome.

It has been said that the signature collection began in the municipalities of Kandava and elsewhere in the region as restoring the activity of local syndrome. After some litigation, the deck card operation was restored in late August, with the city council's decision, but the council's decision appealed. As long as this case is tried, the activity of the card holder is suspended. Although the owner of the "Kartodroms" LLC sports and entertainment center requested permission to continue working, the District Administrative Court at the Riga Court ruled that the cartrodrom could not be renewed.

Meanwhile, the campaign for citizen arrests began in the area. Open letter writers believe that the long-term litigation of the cartoon is "clearly aimed at destroying the Kandava cartoon".

"Kandava kartodrom is a very important site for the city and the countryside, which plays a major role in the historical history and future of the unique Kandava," said a letter emphasizing the role of the site in developing sports talent, increasing tourism and entertainment and promoting the economy. The letter writers stated that the number of claims and litigation exceeded the limits of common sense and constructive approaches and created legal chaos, and that was worth the loss.

In the past, boardwalking authorization, the board explained that Members have no legal basis to impose barriers for businesses that comply with all regulations. Several city council sessions highlighted that the noise level on the route corresponds to the permitted level.

Then, a similar signing campaign was launched on the platform for public initiatives.

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