The Latvian Biathlonis is the last in the World Cup relay stage


The start of the stick in the fifth stage of the World Cup in the biathlon

The start of the stick in the fifth stage of the World Cup in the biathlon


For the second time in a row, Latvian biathlon stayed in the last World Cup race in the relay, but this time they lasted longer than a week ago.

The winners of the 4×7 kilometer relay race in the city of Rupolding, Germany, were the Norwegian Quartet, with Laugh Helge Birkeland, Vetl Shostad Kristiansen, Tarja Beet and Juhann Tyngnes Beet.

The winner in this relay was set at the final round of the battle between J.T.Be and German Benedict Dool, who was still in charge after the last shooting. However, at the end of the race, the Norwegian player increased speed significantly, not only in front of the drivers but also lost to competitors, who finally managed to surpass 13.5 seconds.

In turn, the lowest step on the podium is France, which surpasses the Austrian team.

None of the first four units hid the round.

The Latvian team, which was nominated by Alexander Patrick, Robert Sloth, Daumant Lews, and Andrejs Rastorgujevs, the rally leader, was overtaken by a circle when the last 27 teams lost Japan for more than a minute.

So Rastorgujev is not at all. Even before the first shooting, Patrijuks was in 18th place, but in the firing line he used three backup cartridges and hid a penalty circle, and the second shot was exactly the same, which allowed Slotni to start the second stage only in the 25th place, right in front South Korea and Japan. The knife made no mistake in the shooting, but used three additional cartridges, and Lucas began skiing in the last place.

We failed to increase the success of our team and, after the second shot, he was defeated by a circle, so Rastorgujev did not advance to the start.

In the end, three teams – Japan, South Korea and Latvia – were defeated.

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Last week, the Latvian team ended their first relay race with more failures this season, because the unit was taken over as a lap.

In total rallies after two races, Norway is the leader with 150 points, followed by Russia with 140 points, while Sweden have two more points. Latvia, on the other hand, won 28 points in the last 27 countries, with China having nine points in second place.

Women will compete in the relay on Saturday, but on Sunday there will be a match with the same start, representing Rastorgujev in Latvia.


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