Saturday , October 23 2021

The first Burger King restaurant in Latvia opens in Riga


Estonian ferry operator Tallink Grupp, owner of the Burger King franchise in the Baltic, has opened Latvia’s first franchised restaurant in the Akropole shopping center, representatives of Tallink Grupp informed the portal

Although the restaurant will officially serve burgers and other popular dishes from Friday, due to pandemic restrictions, the dish will initially only be available for fast food or home delivery, company representatives pointed out.

Katri Kivaska, manager of retail business development for Tallink Grupp, explained that whatever they are facing this year, the company is very pleased to be able to offer the Burger King menu to Latvian fast food fans. “We sincerely hope that as soon as the spread of the virus subsides, you will be able to enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends in our cozy and comfortable restaurant,” said a representative from the Tallink group.

Zane Kaktiņa, director of the Akropole shopping center, confirmed that he is satisfied with the opening of the first Burger King restaurant in Latvia on the Acropolis, because with the opening of the restaurant, the shopping center continues to expand in terms of shops, entertainment and recreational opportunities.

The “Burger King” restaurant opens on the “Acropolis” and is the sixth restaurant in the Baltic Country, and this year it has opened to visitors. The new restaurant in Riga will employ about 30 people. By the end of 2020, Tallink Grupp plans to open two more restaurants in the Baltic Country – one in Vilnius and the other in Tallinn.

It has been reported that Tallink Grupp acquired franchise rights in the Baltic States last fall for global fast food chain Burger King.

Tallink Grupp shares are listed on the official register of the Tallinn Stock Exchange. The company’s largest shareholder is Estonian investment company Infortar, which owns 39% of Tallink Grupp.

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