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Students have a lot of interest in robotics, but knowledge in physics is inadequate / Articles / NGOs. LV

Today "Electronics Day 2018" will take place at Riga Technical University (RTU) – around 250 students will gather in one place. They will take part in contests and show their knowledge of electronics, so that they identify the best. Electronics is very popular among students, but knowledge of physics is not enough to choose engineering disciplines after graduation.

Normunds Bergs, President of the Latvian Association of Electronic and Technical Industries, said "Morning Panorama" on "Electronics Day 2018".

The interest of Latvians in robotics is high, it manifests itself in the demand for robotic teams. "We are currently training 150 new group leaders.

The demand for robotic classes is very large, there is a shortage of trainers.

The state provides 3500 budget places in engineering specialties, but 220 children passed a centralized physical examination this year, last year there were 300. The situation was very bad. Budget places do not solve problems because schools do not prepare students. We demand that the state provide knowledge, "Bergh described the situation.

The "Electronics Days of 2018" is held for the fifth year, the second year of robotics, with interest growth every year.

"Electronics Days 2018" was made more different by the fact that this school year was declared a Physics Year in Latvia, with special attention to the acquisition of physical school subjects in schools.

"Electronic Day in 2018"

Electronical Days in the first part of 2018 will take place the annual New Electronic Competition. In this competition, more than 140 young people will demonstrate their expertise by codifying electronic control schemes for ship models. After two and a half hours, the work after the competition will be displayed to interested parties. While young people will work in workshops, event visitors will be able to get acquainted with electronic community performance over the past few years at student work exhibitions. In line with Riga Technical College there will be competition for students from the "Elektronikas 2018" vocational education institution.

The highlight of this event is the robot race in two disciplines which will begin at 1:00 p.m. The MiniSumo robot fights for half a kilogram of hard, autonomous robots will try to push each other out of the ring. In turn, the pathway robot will try to leave the race track as soon as possible.

The Gamechanger Audio, a Latvian subsidiary of the newly created company, has developed the PLUS Pedal guitar pedal, which has gained recognition from several well-known musicians, about the unlimited possibilities offered by electronic knowledge and how to turn ideas into profitable businesses. This is used by legendary "Pink Floyd" rock musician Roger Waters and guitarist "Red Hot Chili Peppers" Josh Klinghofer.

After that, visitors and event participants will be able to participate in creative interactive workshops related to science along with technology enthusiasts Kristaps Skuteli. "FIZMIX" will show experiments and talk about physics and electronic interaction, BrainGames will encourage brain movement with strong mind games, RTU Electronics will introduce its discovery, will involve children in various experiments and GoSation will introduce virtual reality games.

Electronics have also been taught about teachers – they will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge in the fields of electronics and robotics by attending seminars, and getting acquainted with the Riga Technical University laboratory.

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