Saturday , July 31 2021

Renārs Kaupers comments on Covid-19 – Celebrity for the first time

On December 6, Kaupers made a statement on the social network Instagram.

Dear friends, sincere greetings! Text messages and attention are messy lately! Renar, is everything all right? How are you? I’m in a hurry to convince everyone. I feel very good, I am healthy and already three days since my quarantine and isolation ended, “.

“Thank you so much to everyone who wrote words of encouragement today! Let’s continue to protect ourselves and others!”

At the end of the recording, he wishes her “a happy and healthy second Advent.”

We remind you that Kaupers was probably one of the seven musicians who were infected in the recording studio while working on the music track for the movie “Christmas in the Jungle”. Among those infected were “The Sound Poets” musician Jānis Aišpurs and musician from “Laika suns” group Arnis Račinskis.

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