Saturday , July 24 2021

Liepkalni plans to start sending production to Finland in the future – Industries – Financenet

He could not say when a company could appear in Finland in particular, but said that the company had attracted people who worked to implement it. Immediately, it is planned to begin relevant market studies to find out what products are offered from various products to the Finnish market.

Chicker admitted that Liepkalni could sell sweet confectionery in Finland, for example, biscuits, and would be able to send supplies easily, because a neighboring company in Estonia had been supplying wholesale products for seven years.

He also admitted that this year "Liepkalni" would be closed with an increase in turnover compared to the previous year. This is evidenced by the company's performance in the nine months of this year, with company turnover showing a growing trend.

He noted that "Liepkalni" opened a factory in Estonia earlier this year along with cafes and shops where not only residents from neighboring countries were buying, but also many Latvians who went shopping on the market, which had a positive impact on turnover, and increased sales at the company's store in the "A7" shopping center on the Riga-Kekava-Bauska highway, where there is a large influx of visitors.

Chkvar said that in the near future the company did not have a specific intention to open another store, but this idea was not excluded. "We will strengthen ourselves in the existing trade place. Let's see how this will work. There are many ideas," he said.

According to Chakura, competition in the bakery industry is still strong, but the shape has changed. In the area of ​​the small bakery that used to be prevalent, it stopped competing because of competition, but instead, more and more bread began to bake retail stores. The challenge for industrial companies also changes the habits of the population, because traditional wheat bread consumption decreases, instead of choosing wheat bread, which Liepkalni produces less, so, in this product segment, it does not compete with large producers in terms of price. Meanwhile, the demand for sugar produced by Liepkalns is considered stable.

It has been reported that "Liepkalni" last year had a turnover of 7,517 million euros, an increase of 2.7% compared to the previous year, while company profits fell 36.4% to EUR 216,331.

"Liepkalni" was founded in 1992. The company's share capital is 194,682 euros. This company is wholly owned by Dagn Chuckram.

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