In Riga's three galleries, there are three artists – Heinrichson, Zarina, and Silow


Three art galleries in three different art galleries in Riga can be seen at three famous artist exhibitions. Gallery "Bastejs" shows Helene Heinrichson exhibition "Painting bedrooms" and galleries "Daugava" – Exhibition Vija Zarina Landscape "Painting of Nature". Meanwhile, sculptor Olga Šilova only prepares the "Milda Three-Fourth Turn" exhibition, which will be displayed at the Art XO Gallery.

Bedroom painting

Light and cheerful, according to the tradition of "pop" are Painting Heinrichson's "Bedroom Paintins" or "Bedroom Paintings".

The colors of intimacy, clear shapes and detachments of the details are selected.

The Heinrichson exhibition opens from Wednesday to the beginning of December at the Bastejs gallery.

"Shaded Nature"

"My wish is that the painting be such that it cannot be forgotten. That he drew and wanted to watch it!" Vija Zariņa told him about his latest paintings and works. In the exhibition "Painting Nature", the line between earth and water forms a landscape that appears to be Latvian in various shades of the season.

"I already know what the artist expects! That he will change, but at the same time will remain the same. (…) I let my feelings flow. For your love of classical paintings. I can't do it differently. But yesterday, sitting and watching here, I realized that I had changed a little, "explained Zarina.

"Three Quarter Turn Milda"

"He is very independent, proud, radiant, clean and strong!" One of the symbols of Latvia, Milda was described by a close friend, described by sculptor Olga Silova. The goal – at the exhibition "Milda Three-Four Turns", a graphic sketch of the artist Rihards Zarins is presented in three dimensions.

"I think more about Mildo, which we can see for the silver cluster and for the history of affiliation. (…) I want to describe not only the faces and facial signs of Latvian women, but also to display images of Latvian symbols, personalities in my work," explained Shilova.

The "Art XO" Milda image transformation gallery will be available from Thursday to the end of the year.


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