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Now airBaltik The Airbus A220-300 with YL-CSL registration number is decorated with a Latvian flag and the name of the capital city of Riga. The President of the Republic, Raimonds Vējonis, received a prize from the event in the context of the event.

"As a protector of the one hundred years of Latvia, I have the double pleasure of receiving this gift, because every gift to our country on the anniversary day is a gift for each of us. The red and white flag is our sanctity and symbol, which is evidence of our people's determination to fight and maintain their freedom. For this gift that will allow us to see proudly in heaven! "Receive a gift, said Voithon.

AirBaltic CEO Martin Gauss said that the airBaltic team was truly happy and honored to give special gifts to Latvia in the hundredth century, a historic event for every Latvian. "We feel like Latvian ambassadors and use every opportunity to talk about Latvia as a beautiful, successful and prosperous country," Gauss said.

Photo: airBaltik on the occasion of a hundred years the flag of Latvia the color of the country flag was painted

"Now the Latvian flag proudly flows above our heads high in the sky throughout the world. airBaltik on behalf of my country, I hope for Latvia's growth and prosperity further, and every Latvian is proud of his country and achievements both every day and when traveling with this plane, "Gauss added.

For the first time in the history of airlines airBaltik The aircraft was painted as a work of art, depicting the state symbol – the Latvian flag. To make this work, 15 professional painters work 1,000 hours. In total, 250 liters of soil, paint and varnish have been used in the dyeing process, the thickness of the coating is painted to 120 microns or 0.12 millimeters.


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