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Yoo Seung-joon, "Yun Seung-jun considers naturalization as regret for people"


Singer Yu Seung-jun (43, US-based Steve Seung-jun Yoo) said that Yu was considering naturalization after entering Korea.

Singer Yoo Seung-jun. [연합뉴스]

Singer Yoo Seung-jun. [연합뉴스]

Lawyer Kim Hyung-soo, a lawyer on Yu's side, said on July 19 through Channel A that "(Yu) thinks about naturalization if he enters Korea." Explained.

Lawyer Kim said, "I spent my childhood in Korea and was very loved in Korea because of my insistence on entering Korea." "She says.

"These steps are not revoked 17 years after the 2002 ban on the entry of the Department of Justice. They may be revoked because they are a permanent ban," he said. "We want to visit pure Korea. Have filed a lawsuit."

When asked if they wanted to get a visa for Koreans abroad in Korea with economic activities in mind, "It is necessary to have a script to file a lawsuit. It is not easy for foreigners to accept the manuscript." It was difficult for us to file a lawsuit for a ban on entry in 2002, so we had to take advantage of the legal status of the Korean Foreign Law, which was definitely more protected by ordinary foreigners. "We filed a lawsuit because we applied for a visa and refused to do so."

In addition, the decision to prohibit entry and issuance of visas is a separate step. Even if you can enter without a visa, it is not possible to enter the country if there is still a decision to ban entry at the entry stage. In theory it is not true. "

On the other hand, the 10th administrative section of the Seoul High Court ruled on the 15th that 'cancel the disposition of refusing to issue visas' and won the plaintiff's victory in a lawsuit against the South Korean consulate in Los Angeles. The court said, "The defendant canceled the refusal to issue the visa to the plaintiff."

By Jung Eun-hye, staff reporter

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