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[프로야구] NC defends Doosan’s punches varied … The audience is shrinking


NC and Doosan announce an all-out fight for the rest of the matches in the Korean Series.

NC’s defense concentration and Doosan’s rise from other ships emerged as key variables.

In addition, from Game 6 on the 24th, the number of viewers decreased by increasing the distance by 2 steps.

This is Jung Joo-hee.


NC has the lead over Doosan at Tuta, but it’s one point under in defensive concentration.

Park Seok-min’s third baseman throwing mistake in the second game of the second game served as a precautionary point and ultimately led to defeat.

In Game 3, there were 3 errors.

In the 3rd inning, Altair’s throwing error resulted in an extra goal, and in the 5th, Noh Jin-hyuk’s throwing error allowed a draw.

In the 4th game, which ended in victory, Lee Myung-ki’s mistake in the 5th game where the 0 balance continued, causing a crisis.

“Because I try not to make all the mistakes, those mistakes are the part that feels more pressure from the players. Isn’t that the most important part of going through my routine like I do …”

Doosan, whose stamina has decreased, is very worried about hitting.

Young throwers like Kim Min-gyu, Park Chi-guk, and Lee Seung-jin made great strides over the mound, but the rest of the line was silent at every important moment.

In the fourth game, all three hits that Kim Jae-ho made were defeated in the Korean series after three years.

With the exception of Kim Jae-ho, who plays the fire show every match, and Sue-bin, who hit 30%, all batting averages are 20%, and Kim Jae-hwan, number 4, is less than 10%.

“Overall, the pitchers were good, and I was a little more worried about hitting than that. I was worried, but I think I need to make changes in Game 5.”

The 5th match will be a return match between Flexen and Changmo Koo, and the winning team will almost win, so a full scale battle is expected to be inevitable.

On the other hand, from Game 6, the second stage distance was applied, and Gocheok Dome’s attendance was 10%, or 1,700 seats, or 3,400 more than now.

As a result, neither team could share the joy of winning with so many fans.

This is Yonhap News TV Jung Joo-hee. ([email protected])

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