Thursday , May 6 2021

Two high school girls were in place during the first mass attack on a junior high school student.

Police investigate whether to call one person
Confirm that there is no second roof attack

It was confirmed that there were two teenagers and four other girls at the time of the first attack on the victims in the park before the accident happened to the students of Incheon Middle School.

Incheon Yonsoo Police Station announced on the 20th that A (14), who had died in a recent accident, quickly investigated a high school girl (15) who was in the park during a mass attack by her classmates.

The girls were at the crime scene when a group was attacked by their classmates, such as B (14), around 2am on March 13.

Group A was in the PC room at dawn that day and was taken to a park in Incheon, and eaten by group B. And others, after that, they were taken to the two closest parks where they were attacked. There is.

The girls were identified with a male student, B, who was recently arrested on suspicion of being sentenced to death in Shanghai, since September, and the victim, A, was confirmed to have been seen for the first time on the day of the incident.

They were found not to go to the roof of the apartment after group A was attacked by the second group of group B and fell.

Police called high school girls with their parents that day to investigate whether they were involved in the attack.

One of the remaining female students will not be contacted at this time and will be called and investigated later.

A police official said, "Before group A was killed, three students were taken to three parks at dawn, and two high school girls joined in the middle," he said.

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