Monday , July 26 2021

The venture industry "Sharing barriers to the growth of economic services to new regulations"

[아시아경제 정동훈 기자]The venture industry opposes new regulations that prevent the growth of shared economic services such as the revision of the passenger car transport law.

The Korea Venture Business Association issued a statement saying, "Based on the lack of understanding of carpool services, which are representative areas of shared economic services, and negative opinions from several stakeholders, the Venture Industry has expressed serious concerns about revisions to amendments to passenger car transportation laws.

"Shared economic services are spreading rapidly globally as the core technology of the fourth industrial revolution such as artificial intelligence and big data developing." Leading global companies such as Apple and Softbank also invest in several trillion won. "We support a new paradigm of future economic activity."

The association shows that the global competitiveness of Korea's new industry is getting worse due to the accumulation of regulations. Association "Uber (US), Doi Ting Ching (China), and Grap (Southeast Asia), which are representatives of companies from overseas travel sharing services, have grown rapidly as unicorn companies with a company value of more than 1 trillion won. "On the other hand," We are in a crisis situation due to opposition from the existing taxi industry and the government and local government, and we have experienced major restructuring or major business changes and failed to launch full-scale services. "

"Revolutionary legislation on shared economic services must be stopped," he said. "A ride-sharing service is not a confrontation with an existing industry, but a social business business that can be an alternative to inconsistent supply and demand problems. As a model, it provides benefits to the public and consumers. The venture industry called for the suspension of proposed laws on carpool services, which are contrary to new industries, consumer benefits and job creation. "

Jung Dong-hoon, reporter [email protected]

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