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The name and cancer are hidden in the Ben Thu lottery

Australia and half a draw success

Ben Touche won 1-1 in Brisbane Australia at Suncorp Stadium in Australia on 17 August. (29. Newcastle United) and Sohn Heung-min (26. Tottenham Hotspur) which are the core team's resources, along with Jung Woo-young (29th Ald Sad), Hwang Hee-chan (22. Hamburg), Lee Jae-Dan Ben Zhong-soo (27th in Tokyo), who is not a normal team player, overcame this situation and will continue his journey unbeaten with 2 wins and 3 wins since launch.

The biggest concern for Ben Tuo in this tournament for Australia is confirmation of new players who have lost their core resources and confirmed their competitiveness by Ben Tuo Ho. Lee Chung-yong (30. Bochum) and Koo Ja-chul (Aug. Augsburg), who have high hopes of going up to the first match against Ben Tuo Ho, playing the role & # 39; Benjamin & # 39; in Ben Tuo Ho's first match against Australia, but Koo Ja-chul was disappointed. Hwang In-bum (22. Daejeon Citizen), highly respected by director Paul Buntu as & # 39; children of Kim Hak-bum & # 39 ;, is the heart of oppression with sharp bait and kick, I show you.

However, Ben Tuo Ho has not been able to reach attack-oriented football that Paulo Bentou is looking for in the performance of these players. So, Korea showed remarkable differences from their performance against Costa Rica (2-0) Uruguay (2-1), Chile (0-0) and Panama (2-2). Ben Tuo Ho scored two wins and two draws in aggressive team colors, using various games by building back-backs, front and back backbacks,

Virtuoso, who came to Australia for the first time, is a team of 1.5 people. Therefore, it is more meaningful for the selection of agents to reserve the UAE Asian Cup in January next year by verifying the players who are riding new on Ben Tu Tu, rather than the results of the match. It was a small battle to examine the possibility of an Australian expedition. Australia coach Paulo Bentu (Portugal) is the first away match after his arrival.

Therefore, there is a big difference between the atmosphere and the environment in a domestic evaluation exhibition. Finally, this situation affected the outcome of the match and it was a good medicine for coach Paulo Bentu. The host, Australia, has gathered all of their key players including the international lobby Cruz (30. Bochum), Aaron Muay (29. Huddersfield) and Trent Sainsbury (26.PSV Eindhoven) Matt Ryan (Brighton 27th), who was selected as Player Best Asian Asian Confederations Cup (AFC) of the Year,

Plan B, Ben Tuho's Challenge

Ben Tuo-Ho did not become an opponent of Australia in this objective player squad, but the result was a draw. Sometimes the game is good or not. However, it is a problem if differences in domestic and international games are exposed to the content and operation of games that are beyond the basic team colors that cannot be overcome by loss of player composition. Ben Touho was attracted to Australia, but his opponents, lack of concentration, lack of concentration and sudden decline in performance –

A more serious problem is that Ben Tuo Ho hasn't seen a new plan B that can overcome this weakness. Despite the fact that the Sejong card (28. Asan Mugunghwa) is able to make some changes in the game and atmosphere, it increases the possibilities for Plan B. However, Seo Hyeonjun (27. Stade de Reins), (Jung Seung Hyun (24. Kashima Antlers) 22. Gwangju FC), Lee Jin-hyun (21. Pohang Steelers), and Kim Jung-min (19. Riffering) did little to help tactical aspects as a resource for Plan B.

Paulo Bentu has expressed his ambition to lead Korea to the Asian Cup summit. In order for Paulo Bentu to achieve this goal, he must demonstrate leadership skills to face challenges posed through Australia and change his philosophy of football. Australia is a good opportunity for Paulo Bentu to adapt and understand Asian football, and to look back at the cold-blooded reality of the invincible Ben Touche.

Realist Paul Bouutou must realize that there is a victory at the Asian Cup only if he increases his away game. "I will try to get the best results in the best of both worlds," Pauloventu said at an Australian press conference. "We will try new players, of course," he said.

However, there is no mention of defensive stabilization, the tendency of Achilles Ben Touche. In four matches before the domestic match, the defensive team managed to reduce various defensive positions by mentioning the stabilization of the defense after the inauguration. Despite Jang Hyun-soo's defeat, Kim Min-jae (22. Jeonbuk Hyundai) . In the end, the main reason why the home side had to finish with a draw in the first half of the match with a one-time victory at Wang Ji-hoo (26 Gamba Osaka) in the 22nd minute was a lack of stability.

"We haven't played well in the first half," Paulovento said. It's okay it doesn't work, but there are some points to improve. "I think he did not maintain his appearance in the last match," he said. "Paulo Bentu's attitude and attitude are positive for Ben Toujou's development. But unexpected injuries to Koo Ja-chul and Huang Zi-chan are attacks of bad news that can never be laughed at.

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