The CEO of Youtube cannot follow the European Union Copyright Law


Susan Bochicki, YouTube's chief executive officer, has voiced opposition to steps to strengthen copyright law in the European Union.

Boycchi said in a statement on Friday that large platforms such as YouTube could not comply with EU regulations.

▲ Susan Bochicki, CEO of YouTube.

Boyzicki said, "If you follow EU regulations, you must block this video," take the example of Death Pashto, which has the most views on YouTube.

"I get a license to pay for this video with a lot of copyright, but it's not easy for some rights holders to find out," he said. No company can afford it. "

Bochicki also asked YouTube creators to take part in the campaign against the EU Copyright Act in a quarterly letter to YouTube makers.

"The new EU copyright law threatens millions of content makers who want to share their voice in the world," he said, "We will limit the ability of many content makers, businesses and artists, and only a few large companies will survive."

The European Parliament approved the revised draft Copyright Act in September. Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube include Article 11, which requires payment of links to media articles, and Article 13, which mandates the blocking of content that is deemed violating. [비즈니스포스트 김디모데 기자]

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