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Nintendo Switch Diablo 3 Version Coming Soon | Webzine Inventory


Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment officially launched the Nintendo Switch version of the Blizzard RPG Diablo 3 action on the homepage and on SNS.

The official name of the Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Edition is confirmed as 'Diablo3 Eternal Colleciton', as leaked from Forbes on Wednesday. Diablo 3 Eternal Collection includes Soul Reaper expansion packages and Necromancer Return. This allows the player to play the same game on the Nintendo Switch as in the previous PC version.

It will consist of five rounds, as well as all seven jobs and one regular season. In addition, taking into account the characteristics of mobile devices, it supports local multiplayer and multiplayer via the Internet. Up to four people can play on one device, and games can be played without space restrictions such as TV and cellular modes. Multiplayer over the Internet requires the Nintendo Switch online service, which began in late September.

In addition, Nintendo Switch exclusively provides transmog items. You can also see the transfiguration set of 'Ganon Dolp & # 39 ;,' girls & # 39; pet, triforce portrait and wing echo mask. All of these exclusive items are related to Nintendo's iconic Legend of Zelda series.

In addition, a series of warning videos featuring Nintendo America Reginald Fils-Aimé and Blizzard representative Mike Morhaime were also released. In the video, Mike Moheim tells fans about the release of the switch version and thanks them.

Beyond PC, PS4, and Xbox, Diablo 3 is also scheduled to be released this fall. However, the trailer was posted by Blizzard Korea Special pageKorean language has been released with the finished language.

The latest news about GAMESCOM, which will be held on August 21, will be delivered in a clear article by journalists Jung Pil-kwon, Kim Kang-wook and Seok Jun-gyu from Germany. ▶ Inven News Center:

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