Tuesday , July 27 2021

MK News – Attack on Isse station → Oh Choshi Hee → Sani VS Jerry Kidis … Fire controversy (comprehensive)

[MBN스타 신미래 기자] The shooting at the Issue station threw several key words into the community, and flames spread in the entertainment industry. Sani and Jerry Kay are examples.

When a recent attack on the Issue station was announced, there was controversy between men and women. Since then, he raised his voice on social issues.

The entertainment industry is no exception.

First of all, actor Oh Chou-hee said to his SNS that day, "You said that you hit your head. The weather was terrible too. I was also afraid of futons. Don't fight. Cases of ISSUAL, MISSURA attacks." no accusations were made about the incident, and he apologized with an apology.

On the same day, Sanyi posted a video about the attack on Issei on his personal SNS. That is a situation where the second video can be the second danger because of the video release. Then he released his new song "Feminist" through a personal YouTube revision, and gave his opinion instead of an official position.

& # 39; Feminist & # 39; Sanui is a hot topic every day, and public opinion is mixed even with this song itself. He triggered a war against attacks at the Issue station.

Son Soo-hyun, along with the article "Facts.", Posted a picture from a verse of a book that describes the wage gap between men and women in Korea.

And Jerry Kay has released NOYU NOT, a feminist drama by Sani. "NO YOU DO NOT" means "If you have more than honey, you suck on summer nights, don't write much." "Break with patriarchy." "36.7% The wage gap." "The fear of continuing daily life is more certain than you are. Fake facts are not the same as anything. Nobody does not. Nothing without ignorance. There are aggressive lyrics like exceptions from military.

Jerry Kaye disguised himself, the mountain also fought again. He released a song called "6.9cm" and denied Jerry Kay.

The attack on the Issue station spread to Dis, when Sani released a song for Jerry Kay. The controversy is getting bigger by asking for a tail. Shinmirae reporter [email protected]

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