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LG-KGC, the second winner in a row … Orion has lost eight straight


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LG Changwon ran for 2 consecutive wins with Orion in Goyang. Anyang KGC is also in second place with LG in 3 consecutive wins.

LG won 89-73 in a home match against Orion in SKT 5GX professional basketball in 2018-19 at Changwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 8th.

LG, which ran 2 consecutive wins, were 7 and 4 with LG KGC and Seoul SK. This is the difference in the 1.5 game by leading Ulsan Hyundai Mobis (8-2). Orion dropped to 8 consecutive wins with 2 wins and 9 losses.

Foreign duo LG, Gray and Mays, each scored 32 points and 24 points, taking them to victory. Orion Williams has 18 points and Choi Jin-soo 17, but that is not enough to prevent defeat.

In the first quarter, LG scored the first goal in Yoo Byung-hoon's free throw. Kim Sook-Rae and Mace's three consecutive stores led 11-5. Kim followed with a three-point lead in the series, but Orion Choi Seung-wook, Choi Jin-soo, and Huh-il Young also responded with a 19-19 defeat. At the last minute, free throw Yoo Byung-hoon 2-1, 21-19, ended with a 2-point lead.

The second quarter is also ferocious. From the start, Williams scored two points and Hur Young-eun scored three points, 21-24. However, Sungmin and Mace played against the match and ran to 36-28.

LG seems to hold the leadership, but Orion tries to get out of the game. Kim Jang-seon, Huh-il Young, and Williams struggle. In the first half of the match,

LG completed the first half of the match with a fierce battle. Gray scored 11 points, including three points in just two minutes from the start of the third quarter, with a margin of 51-41, 10 points. By remaining in the lead, LG completed the third quarter by leading 67-55.

In the fourth quarter, Mays, Park In-tae, Yoo Byung-hoon and Kim Sye-rae continued their success. In the second half of the match, Gray added again after 40 seconds, and LG scored again, scoring the final score 89-73.

In the match held in Anyang, the home team KGC brought Busan KT 100-94. KGC, who collected three consecutive wins, marked second place with seven wins and four defeats. KT, which lost to its second straight defeat, is ranked fifth with Incheon E-Land with 6 wins and 5 defeats.

KGC's Oh Se-keun scored 25 points, followed by Culpepper (17 points), Macintosh (16 points) and Yang Hee-jong (15 points). KT & # 39; s Logan scored 20 points, but it was there.

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