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Lee Hye-jung "steals to learn cooking .. Switzerland 行"


'Radio Star' Lee Hye-jung. Photo = MBC & # 39; Radio Star & # 39;
[이데일리 정시내 기자] Culinary researcher Lee Hye-jeong reports stealing to learn cooking.

MBC 'Radio Star', which is scheduled to be broadcast on the 20th, will appear with 'Zoom Crush' which featured starring Kim Young-ok, Lee Hye-jeong, Jung Young-ju and Lee Mi-do.

First, Lee Hye-jung focused her attention on the 'Jjangjang-myeon' incident. My husband found him who had eaten jajangmyeon and fell (?) And reported 119. He asked a question, saying, "My husband hasn't eaten jajangmyeon since then."

On the other hand, Lee Hye-jeong delivered news that challenged the first acting. He recently played the play! He appeared at 'Home Shopping Co., Ltd. & # 39; and acted as the emcee, 'Na Dae-ja', representative of Mukbang Broadcasting home shopping.

Lee Hye-Jung also surprised everyone with her passionate cooking. Stealing to learn cooking. He steals money and explains the shocking anecdote he left for Switzerland.

Lee Hye-jung revealed her husband's habit of not throwing up and making a smile. She reportedly said her husband continued to collect napkins from outside and caused an explosion.

The episode of Lee Hye-jeong can be seen through 'Radio Star', which will broadcast on Wednesday night at 11:05.

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