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Kim Won-Hyo's income is enough

'Forty-Five' Kim Won-Hyo Reveals Imports
"Friends can replace the intermediate car"
"I live hard with events."

Wonhyo Kim / Photo = Hankyung DB

Wonhyo Kim / Photo = Hankyung DB

Gagman Kim Won-Hyo released a month's income is a hot topic.

Kim Won-hyo, who appeared on the 18th KBS Cool FM 'Park Myung-soo Radio Show', answered the question in the corner of 'Delicate World of Jobs'.

When asked how much is a month's income, Kim Won-hyo said, "I think I can replace my friends' tea."

The forty-five members who starred in Kim Won-hyo played "Kim Won-hyo has no friends."

Kim Won-Hyo said, "I can replace more than a medium car."

After that, "I'm not just a member. I went through the program hard, so it's okay."

On this day, Forty-five tells a story about the plump self-introduction and the story behind the formation of the Forty-Five, as well as the idol.

Forty-Five / Photo = Makestar, Lara Media

Forty-Five / Photo = Makestar, Lara Media

Park Myung-soo showed off his special affection for forty-five by giving realistic advice and cheering for the new challenges of five men as senior dog singers.

Forty Five is a group formed by the best comedians Kim Won-hyo, Kim Ji-ho, Park Sung-gwang, Park Young-jin, and Hur Kyung-hwan, who have long been responsible for public laughter.

They released their new song "Twenty-Four Years Old", which contained the sincere stories of five men aged forty, and fulfilled their wishes in various ways.

On the other hand, Forty Five will appear on the MBC FM standard (95.9MHz) & # 39; Jeong Sun-hee, Moon Radio Chon-sik Now Radio Era & # 39; which will be broadcast at 5 pm that day.

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