Wednesday , August 4 2021

Kato, KPGA and volunteer volunteer activities were revealed

[스포츠월드=권기범 기자] KTTO and KPGA volunteered for voluntary activities for multicultural families.

KTTO (, a trusted service provider from Sports Toto, will hold a fairy tale book with professional KPGA male golf professional athletes and employees at the Playback Screening Room located in Yeongdeungpo-gu on Thursday, He said that he offered to donate his voice.

This service is part of & # 39; Angels Campaign TOTO with KPGA & # 39 ;, which will make a contribution to the recording more than just birdie in the designated hall for each round of the Korean Tour KPGA convention. This is a collaborative social contribution project between Kato and KPGA.

KToto and KPGA participated in voluntary volunteer activities as part of the photo "Angel Campaign of TOTO with KPGA & # 39 ;. Kato offered

Especially, KPTO and KPGA employees, as well as representatives from the Korea KPGA Tour who finished the season, Lee Hyung Jun, Moon Kyung Jun, Kwon Sung Yul, Lee Geun Ho and Lee Joon Suk participated in this voluntary activity.

The "Voice Donation" volunteer activity is a social contribution program that directly records Korean children's story books and gives them to children in multicultural families who are not familiar with Korean culture. The KTTO and KPGA executives who participated in voluntary activities succeeded in recording children's books after completing preparations for high-quality recordings such as training professional voice actors and training in accordance with their respective roles.

The recorded children's books were donated to the Shinmok Social Welfare Center in Seoul, located in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, along with 55 sets of fairy tale books and books that can be reproduced through the transmission ceremony. This will help multicultural family children adapt to Korean culture as soon as possible. I plan to use it.

KPGA's father Dae-dong, Moon Kyung-joon, who greeted the players at the ceremony that day, said, "It seems like he has managed to show his ability to read books to his three sons." This storybook will give dreams and hopes to children in a multicultural family. I hope that will be possible. "

Kato said, "Kato and KPGA, who work closely together to make a better world every year, have made meaningful voluntary activities for multicultural families." Despite the busy time, the KPTGA is very grateful to the athletes and KPGA employees who participated in the event, and KT will pledge to become a public company that contributes to the community with more active activities. "

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