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Jin Joong-kwon "The Moon Jae-in regime is captured by the national flag" -YouTube


Jin Joong-kwon, 56, a professor at Dongyang University, who has spoken with liberals in "circumstance" situations, said, I diagnosed it.

This could be another crisis without looking at my side and breaking up with a narrow politics to reject other voices.

Professor Jin is a representative liberal commentator, but he has been attacked by former supporters since he criticized him. Professor Jin, an aesthetic expert who has conveyed artistic discourse widely and deeply to the public, recently launched the Aesthetic Scandal.

In his exclusive interview with Hankook Ilbo on the 18th, Jin pointed out that "exclusivity that cannot even reflect the sound of reflection" is a fundamental problem of progressive camps revealed in the homeland situation. Professor Jin said, "Justice in our country is a rule and ethics that everyone must obey, regardless of progress and wages. Professor Jin said," The bigger problem is we must critically reflect on wrong judgment, but by attacking and paralyzing messengers who sent such a message, the structure itself cannot be achieved. "He was also captivated by the logic of extreme factions and showed that not only politics but also academics, the media and civic groups did not speak my voice.

The Moon advises that the Moon should not depend on the reflexive benefits of the unorganized and visionary conservative opposition. Professor Jin said, "If you think you can do this because you are not paying correctly, you must be the same."

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By Kang Yoon-ju, staff reporter

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