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If you fold your stomach from the stomach, it's dangerous. Risk of belly fat

If you only have a stomach, correct posture

Fat man
Stomach fat that is folded from the stomach is the most dangerous type of belly fat with visceral fat.

Many people have problems with fat that doesn't fall no matter how hard they try. But not all belly fat is the same belly fat. Depending on the type of belly fat
Dangerous effects are different. For various types of belly fat, such as belly fat, round belly fat, and belly fat only
Learn more about that.

◇ Fold belly fat from the stomach

Many types for postmenopausal women, the worst for health. Both the upper and lower abdomen come out and look like folding protrusions around the navel.
This means a lot of visceral fat. When young, only the lower abdomen is convex due to subcutaneous fat.
Accumulation is the cause. Visceral fat increases the risk of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. Subcutaneous fat is attached to the center of the body
Also give.

This type reduces your overall calorie intake, but you should focus on protein supplementation. Sport is also a must. You don't have to do abdominal exercises
You have to exercise. You must exercise at least 30 minutes each time, three times a week. Robbery is also important, but you can talk to the person next to you
Exercise with moderate intensity. Increasing your daily activity by up to 30% is one of the best ways to get rid of belly fat.

Belly belly belly

Stomach fat from the stomach is common in middle-aged men. Testosterone (male hormone) and female hormone (estrogen) have properties that suppress visceral fat.
In men, testosterone decreases by around 30 years, increasing visceral fat. Fat cells between the intestines more easily enter the blood than subcutaneous fat
Enter Therefore, it is easy to trigger high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease. Visceral fat can increase the amount of hormones, causing prostate hyperplasia.

The important thing is to stop drinking to lose a round stomach. One bottle of soju is 403 kcal and one beer is 185 kcal. Drunk
If you stop, you can stop eating oily foods naturally, which reduces your overall calorie intake per day. Aerobic exercise, of course,
You also need to pay attention to stress management. As stress continues, cortisol is released from the adrenal glands, which increases insulin and blood sugar to build visceral fat.

Belly belly belly

Some people have a convex shape. This is a step where subcutaneous fat begins to accumulate and does not cause major health problems. However,
This type of belly fat may be caused by incorrect posture, so it's better to fix it. If your back is bent, your abdominal muscles will lose strength and your stomach won't tighten.
It can appear. Efforts to maintain good posture can make a distended stomach.

Stomach belly only with a convex stomach is good for throwing exercises. Stand in place with your back straight and your stomach tucked into your stomach
Give back strength and maintain for about 30 seconds. Repeat 30 seconds each time you think of your life. Even when sitting in a chair, don't put your back
You should sit with your back straight to the ceiling and feel your stomach muscles tense up and you will lose belly fat.

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