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If you eat pieces of collagen, you must be fattened.

[더,오래] Park Dong-hwan Health Park (36)

As you get older, you worry about aging and you don't want to see your appearance or you get worse and worse. [중앙포토]

There are two things to worry about as you get older. One of them is you don't want to see appearance because of aging, and the other is a place where you get sick everywhere. I don't want to see a mirror because I changed my appearance because I am old, but I hate going out because I am sick.

Collagen and collagen joint pain

But wherever there is hope. Collagen is a symbol of aging – wrinkles and joint pain that makes it sick and painful, both of which hold both of them. Collagen is a type of protein that occupies most of the connective tissue in the body such as the skin, blood vessels, bones and muscles.

This accounts for around 30% of all body protein, 70% in bone, 50% in articular cartilage, 70% in skin dermis, and most blood vessels are collagen. Seeing a more detailed place, nails, hair, placenta, the inside of the tissue, cell membranes, the cell surface consists of collagen tissue. The properties of collagen connect and fill tissue. When cells and cells are bound together, collagen is filled when the space between cells becomes empty.

Collagen is a type of protein that contributes most of the connective tissue in the body. Since adulthood, the body shrinks its own collagen production capacity. Not only the skin but the joints are weakened, resulting in osteoporosis, arthralgia, and edema. [중앙포토]

Take for example skin tissue. If collagen is abundant, the connection between networks becomes strong, and becomes smooth and smooth without empty parts. Conversely, when collagen decreases, the connection becomes weak, and loose and loose wrinkles occur because of the empty part. If there is a gap between the tissues, there is an oxidation phenomenon, and black spots are also good.

Since adulthood, the body's own collagen production will drop and the joints will weaken and the skin, resulting in osteoporosis, arthralgia, edema. Oh, I'm aging and I feel collagen is diminishing! Then can we add collagen? First, that is true. Where do we eat collagen?

Collagen is a lot of bone, cartilage and tendons, and when it boils, it becomes gelatin. Fish contains a lot of hair bones such as anglers, pollinosis, and cod. The skull whitish bone is also a collagen lump. There are also lots of anchovy and bullets that eat bones. My daughter-in-law's smell returned when collagen burned, collagen decomposed, and anchovy and Daegutang were rich in collagen.

Koreans eat bones picked from the US

Transfer the potatoes to the bowl. Doragon is representative of collagen. Collagen is very important for blood circulation and metabolism, and is very important for the growth of children. Thus, collagen is an important ingredient for everyone, both young and old, from head to toe. [중앙포토]

Let's go ashore. Gomtang and potatoes represent collagen. Especially, the skin is higher than other bones. When I heard about people going abroad in the 70s, I said that Koreans eat and take bones that come out of places like America and Australia.

There is wisdom to eat extract in bones rather than lack of money. Other foods are better pork skin. It's okay if you eat it, but you drink it, and that's the problem. There are lots of chickens. It seems that many people are interested in their tastes.

Collagen is not good for skin or joints. Because it is and returns blood vessels, it is important for blood circulation and metabolism. It is also involved in leukocyte nutrition and also has immune function. This is also the main component of hair and nails, and collagen is needed even if the hair falls or the nails become weak. Breastfeeding is good, and it is also important for the growth of children. This is the material needed from head to toe for all ages.

Therefore, many drugs are prescribed, and the name of the drug is also called glue & # 39; This place is famous for its glue made of donkey skin, glue-coated porcelain wrapped from a few days and a few days, and Gu Pangyo made from turtle cargo. There is also a mountain of chicken. While boiled chicken feet are good, they produce a synergistic effect with medicines that are good for joints such as Ursin and Jiecheong, and many are prescribed in Arthralgia.

Vitamin A · C is needed to produce collagen properly.

Collagen, however, is not immediately absorbed. In order for collagen to be produced, vitamins A, C, and antioxidants must be present. To absorb collagen, vegetables, fruits and seeds must be taken together. [사진 pixabay]

But if you go to the joint or skin to eat collagen, it is a miscalculation. Collagen is a polymeric substance and cannot be absorbed immediately. If you eat a lot of things just because collagen is good, that means you will be boiled. To produce collagen, antioxidants such as vitamins A and C and sulfur, which make, store and absorb collagen precursors, are very important.

This requires collagen to be produced correctly. It's hard to expect the effect of eating lots of collagen without these things. Even in some papers, collagen does not show the efficacy of collagen at all, and many antioxidants, including vitamins, have a greater role.

However, there are many cases where collagen is prescribed and good results are obtained. In this case, it can be seen that herbal effects (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) increase. It is wise to use herbs to absorb collagen, which is an animal protein system, in human medicine. As a food, I have to eat lots of vegetables, fruits and seeds that have lots of sunlight.

To prevent changes caused by aging such as skin or joints, in addition to eating, proper exercise and stress control are very important. The way to prevent aging and to live young depends on how much I care about my body, eat well, exercise and laugh.

Park, Yong-hwan, Director, Harang Institute of Oriental Medicine [email protected]

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