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I tried Diablo 4, the demon king who returned with stress and cruelty.

The Demon King returns 'properly'.

Blizzard Entertainment J. Allen Bragg will present the latest Diablo series with the opening of BlizzCon 2019. <디아블로 4>To express it, the scene was colored with cheers of all time. <디아블로 4>Brought about grim stories and atmosphere of the past series, <디아블로 2> The skills system and rune system have been restored to further emphasize fighting and farming fun.

Visitors to BlizzCon 2019 <디아블로 4>Very happy with the fact that it was released, but at the same time, when I played the demo version on the field, the game itself was very well made and I was satisfied. Users who find BlizzCon 2019Crazy and satisfied <디아블로 4>What does it look like? I played the demo version and summarized my feelings. FromAnaheim (US) = Park Joon-young's Discussion Game

※ Because the taking and shooting of the demo version is prohibited, the article content is replaced with official images and images. Some content may change after the official release.

# "Oops <디아블로>I want to do it! "Successful first impressions with cruel expressions and dark atmosphere

<디아블로 4> Cinematic images are not only graphic like graphics, but also a lot of sullen atmosphere and cruel expressions that remind me of a horror movie. And the video <디아블로 4> After all <디아블로>Wow <디아블로 2>A cruel expression and dark atmosphere that reminded me of him alive.

<디아블로 4>Not only the atmosphere of the past but also the pleasant core elements. In game <디아블로 2> There is a skill tree and the skill ranking system is similar to the skill system, TalentThis system is also implemented. However, the experience level and skill version have been improved, the ranking value and other skill effects cannot be confirmed.

Not just a skills system <디아블로 2> Rune system is back. Runes can be obtained through hunting in the field, and can be attached to any weapon or equipment. The combination of runes and runes seems to be able to grow a variety of characters, but runes in the demo version are very limited, and the tutorial doesn't explain runes, so I can't learn more about them.

<디아블로 4>Like this past <디아블로> When I realize many series, I feel more 'welcomed' than 'new' when I see the game. Specifically, the character selection window<디아블로 2> The design is reminiscent of the 'Campfire Character Selection Window', which deepens the welcome.

<디아블로 4> There are three classes that you can play in the demo version. Barbaric, Elementalist (Witch), DruidC. All characters can be adjusted, and the demo version has appearance presets, so you can choose the appearance after selecting characters.

Of course, every job boasts its own individuality. Barbarians use extraordinary power to attack enemies with melee attacks, which in turn causes bursts and tearing. Unlike other professions with a maximum of 2 weapons available, barbarians can use up to 4 weapons at a time. This change makes the image of a 'barbarian' who fights against weapons is getting stronger.

Invoker is a character that is able to kill many enemies at once with strong horse power. In the demo version, Elementalists use single attack techniques, such as Frost Arrow and Fireball, as well as long range attacks to attack multiple enemies at once. However, its attack power is low compared to other jobs, it takes time to kill strong enemies like bosses. I don't know how other skills are configured, but when I postpone the demo version, I feel that 'cultivation is worried' bigger than other jobs.

Finally, Druid transformers not only fight with wolves, but also overwhelm the enemy with extraordinary offensive power. In addition, the use of skills can turn into a bear or werewolf, after the transformation of the attack is much stronger than before, but the strength of the powerful attack is stronger, the enemy falls from strength.

# <디아블로 4>Inherit strength from previous work, but also reveal new strengths

<디아블로 4>is <디아블로 2> A unique cruel expression and a sullen atmosphere, of course, <디아블로 3> It inherits several advantages from past works, including a dialogue window with the face of the characters in it, and unlimited healing potions that can be reused from time to time after use. At the same time, it introduces high-quality graphics and new elements to reveal the power of the new work.

<디아블로 4> One feature is 'avoidance technology' which is used to kill the mouse (move, attack), numeric keys (skills), and manipulate the space bar. The element implementation seems to focus on elements that require a 'user control' in boss battles and PvP.

In fact, there are many parts of the game that must use avoidance skills, and boss fights that can be easily removed even after a few hits will cause death. Besides that, while the demo level is 20, the boss level is 19, but attack space is a critical hit. Therefore, if you play the game on a difficult difficulty after the official release, boss battles will be more difficult.

<디아블로 4>For the first time in the history of the series, his background is 'one area'. As a result, this field is the largest and most extensive in this series, with a variety of terrain including forests, deserts, wilderness and dungeons. Not only are the fields connected to each other, users are also connected to servers throughout the map, where they can hunt together, challenge powerful bosses, and play PvP.

This job is fun to clear the story and erase various side missions, but also to enjoy hidden quests, bosses, and events hidden in the field. <디아블로 4> When you roam around the field, shocking events emerge, such as calls for help from residents who are chased by creatures or demons. If you do this, you will be rewarded with thanks and equipment and gold.

Also on the field are very strong bosses, who are hard to beat even if 10 or more users are running. The boss is not only a strong attack power but also stamina that shows no signs of diminishing no matter how much you hit him, you will attack like an attack on 'Boss Raid'. In the demonstration, users confront the enemy by telling them how to attack, not by approaching them, but by arranging their time.

<디아블로 4>Many users were hoping for a launch, but the screams and hot vibrations announced at the 2019 BlizzCon opening ceremony continued until after the demonstration. This game seems to have inherited the power of the previous series, while enjoying its unique fun. As long as the user has waited a long time <디아블로 4>Hoping to be released soon.

Blizzard is under development <디아블로 4> It will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with no release date.

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