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I don't think so, but … On & # 39;

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& # 39; Deacon Department, & # 39; Sang-yoon Lee,

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Image-id = "30000617591" class = "lazy" src = "" data-origin = "sbs" data-src = "https: // img "style =" max-width: 725px; display: block; margin-20px auto "data-v_height =" 1976 "data-v_play_time =" 0 "data-v_reg_date =" 20181118184451 "data-reg_user =" data_v_height = "data- v_src = " newsnet / etv / upload / 2018/11/18 / 30000617591.jpg" data-v_title = "Deacon" data-v_width = "878[SBS 연예뉴스 ㅣ 김효정 에디터] Lee Sang-yoon has been angered by both models.

In SBS & # 39; Deaconess of the Deacons & # 39; which was broadcast on the 18th, a rising figure who shows a picture of the life of each person drawn.

On this day, the crew asked the members to prepare their own shots of life. The members said, "I have never thought of a photo as a living portrait, so it's difficult to choose."

"I think this is a sad story, but other members usually seem to have a good picture, but I need less than two minutes to take pictures," he said. The model takes black and white photos with teddy bears and a nice look.

Sang-yoon, who saw this, asked, "Now we are friendly, won't you be hurt by words?" So I asked him to say nothing about my model. Sang-yoon said, "I opened this photo in the group chat room a few months ago, and then I'm satisfied with it, and I like it very much.

So, "I don't have a good idea to take pictures like that, and when I take good pictures, only funny things are revealed because of being a comedian, so I really like this photo," he said. .

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