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Four new Netmarble models to launch G-Star


Netmarble participating in G-Star 2019 announced the preparation of 4 types of mobile games of various genres and revealed its presence as a major gaming company in Korea.

Netmarble presents 'A3: Still Alive', 'Magic: Mana Strike', 'Seven Knights Revolution', and 'Second Country' for new games.

A3: Still Alive is a game about Battle Royale MMORPG.

Magic: Mana Strike was developed as a 3D graphics based card game using IP Magic The Gathering.

Seven Knights Revolution deals with the story of knights who were founded after the heroes of the Seven Knights disappeared. Characters combining weapons for battle.

The second country is the cellular RPG presented jointly by Level Five and Studio Ghibli in animated graphics.

Netmarble has prepared more than 250 demos for mobile games at G-Star this year. In addition, new video games are released using a large LED screen.

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In particular, the one-on-one PvP match mode attracts the attention of visitors by allowing them to play games, including characters and magic 'Magic: The Gathering'.

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