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Find the best of 'Magic's Hot Roll'


tvN 'Cheonlim Mart' Choi Kwangje

tvN 'Cheonlim Mart' Choi Kwangje

The magical character, Pieleku, which gives laughter and emotion.

On TVN Friday Drama "Sandy Chunma Mart," which airs on the 15th, there was a quarrel between the motives of Mart, Pieleku (Choi Kwang-je) and In-bae (Kang Hong-seok). The two men faced the previous union leadership. Since then, the hearts of residents who received the little pyramid from Pieleku have been injured. The confrontation between the two again increased interest.

Paleek, convinced that Paya had never been drunk, began to drink his horn and seemed to put in a lot of alcohol. But in reality, the liquor was leaking to the very end, and Pieleku's anti-war strategy made the audience shattered. Finally, Pieleku did not get drunk until the end, hoping to meet with tribal members and win the main battle.

The next day, Pieleku presented Paya's horn to another motive to convey the meaning of a true friend. Seeing Pieleku offering horns of normal size, her anger made her angry, and Pieleku said that only the head of the family who blessed the horn deserved it. Because both employees have children.

But the head of the real grandmother who lived with her grandmother, and Pieleku found out later and said, "I have lived with my grandmother. I'm wrong I'm sorry you deserve the true Paja horn. "With sincere apologies, the new horn was presented.

"If you think of our Paya brothers, no one is safe. Find me whenever you need help."

Choi Kwang-je buried it in hot-rolling comedy and cathode. Although they shouted at Paya and Satu and made viewers laugh, when they called their brothers and true friends siblings, they turned to serious eyes and increased immersion.

Various parodies also improve completeness by adding Choi Kwang-je's acting strength. From the vocal acting called Payatener to the ambassador who reminded me of Jung Woo-sung about the 'Eraser in my head', he laughed.

Viewer popularity continues to play with Choi Kwang-je's efforts to immerse the audience with the presence of strong plum interest.

By Jo Yeon-kyung, reporter staff

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