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Dexcomm G5, a diabetic continuous blood glucose meter for children, eases the burden on patients starting next year


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In January, health insurance benefits will be applied to children with diabetes (first diabetes) ongoing blood glucose meter, Dexcomb G5, to reduce the burden on patients.

Huons announced on the 20th that he would receive health insurance benefits starting next year for the Dexcom G5 continuous glucose meter and insulin injector, which was released in November last year.

A continuous glucose meter is a device that measures blood glucose levels in real time by installing sensors to measure blood glucose levels in the body. Patient comfort is improved by measuring blood glucose levels without having to prick a finger each time with a needle to draw blood. Demand for diabetics of children and their families is high.

In the past, the unfortunate story of a mother who was accused of being a prosecutor after buying and using a serial blood glucose meter that was not approved in Korea for children without diabetes mellitus was a hot topic. Since then, a continuous blood glucose meter has been approved and introduced in Korea, and patient access has been improved by expanding health coverage.

Since January, the government has implemented salaries for electrodes that can be consumed in blood glucose meters. Starting next year, the scope of applications will be expanded. The government has also decided to apply health insurance benefits for continuous blood glucose meters and insulin injectors to manage the blood sugar of type 1 diabetes patients called pediatric diabetes. As a result, patients can save about 3 million won from the approximately 5.7 million won they have to pay for a year to use the Dexcom G5 continuous blood glucose meter.

Huons said, "The expected expansion of salary support next year will reduce the burden of around 32,000 Korean patients with type 1 diabetes (by 2018) who are reluctant to buy products because of the price burden."

A continuous blood glucose meter is useful not only for patients with type 1 diabetes but also for patients with type 2 diabetes who need active blood sugar management.

Dexcomb G5 is a medical device that can be used to check blood sugar by attaching a micro sensor in the subcutaneous part of the stomach. The built-in micro sensor measures glucose levels every five minutes continuously and sends them to the smartphone. It can measure glucose levels for up to 7 days with only one installation, which reduces the amount of blood collection, which is more than 10 times a day, and can measure glucose levels even when it is not possible to measure blood sugar, such as during sleep, exercise, or study. Management of blood sugar is possible.

Additionally, if you deviate from the pre-determined glucose level to prevent hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, your smartphone will send a warning alarm to help prevent various diabetes complications.

Dexcomb G5 can be found at a specialized online shopping center. 'Hugh: Diabetes Care'. Online shopping malls provide product integration information, including product methods and improvements. You can also receive counseling services on a continuous blood glucose meter through KakaoTalk and the Consumer Counseling Office.

Billing services that are assigned to sensors are being implemented for people with type 1 diabetes. If you use this service, you need to prepare separate documents such as △ medical bill bills medis prescription medical (sensor) prescriptions △ electrodes (sensors) purchase transaction details △ unique identification numbers with the number of electrodes (sensors) you not only need to submit this procedure to the National Health Insurance Corporation, you only need to pay installments, not including refunds, from the Health Insurance Corporation.

An official from Huons said, "The expected expansion of support benefits from next year is expected to allow patients with type 1 diabetes, who suffer from purchase costs, to experience continuous blood glucose gauges."

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