Advantages of SK Networks' operation & # 39; 3Q09 from W41.3bn 20% year to year ↓


SK Networks achieved operating profit of W41.3bn in 3Q09.

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SK Networks announced that it posted sales of KRW 3.3 trillion and operating profit KRW 41.3 billion in the third quarter of this year, according to the initial announcement on June 6.

Sales increased 2.9% QoQ and operating profit increased 93.7% QoQ. Sales fell 6.6% YoY and operating profit fell 20.0% YoY.

The SK Network said, "The decline in profits compared to the same quarter the previous year will be linked to changes in global market conditions, such as a decrease in the volume of chemical sales."

As SK Networks' future core business, we will continue to increase revenues through SK Rent-a-Car and SK Magic, both mobility and home care services.

Sales of SK Rent-a-Car and Speedmate increased by around 20% compared to the previous year. SK rental car, which has exceeded 100,000 vehicles, strengthens its capacity with quantitative growth.

SK Magic gets favorable reviews by launching new products that customers want in a timely manner through constant research and development. As a result, the cumulative account number will reach 148 thousand in the third quarter, and the cumulative target account is expected to reach 156 million this year.

In the future, Mobility will maximize the synergy between SK Rent-a-Car Rent-a-Car as the SK Group car rental business operator. We will continue to strive to increase customer value and strengthen our business competitiveness further.

In addition, SK Telecom will launch a new rental car management service using the latest Internet network (IoT) and connected car platforms. We actively collaborate to offer different and innovative services to our customers.

In addition to securing its competitiveness in the global market, the global division plans to continue efforts to develop new markets. SK Networks signed an MOU with Krakatau Steel, an Indonesian state-owned company, in August. In the future, we plan to expand the scale of the steel business in Indonesia to 200 million dollars.

The information and communication division will continue to increase the related business based on the next day delivery system, which is a strength in the telecommunications and domestic logistics industry.

An official from SK Networks said, "Starting from 4Q, income will increase because of efforts to improve the Biz model of existing business and achieve future core business results."

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