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52 trillion hours a week

Delay of Root Industry for Molds, Heat Treatment
White collar high profit must be applied

52 trillion hours a week
Employees concentrate on work in small and medium-sized businesses in Gyeonggi-do, which will implement a 52-hour workweek. Seoul Economy DB

When the 52-hour workweek was carried out, it was analyzed that the additional costs incurred by SMEs amounted to 3.33 trillion won.

Noh Min-sun, a researcher at the Small and Medium Business Research Institute, held a meeting at the Small and Medium Business Association in Yeouido, Seoul on September 19. The average monthly income per employee is 334,000 won, bringing the total wage reduction to 2.64 trillion won. "In the end, the company will pay an additional cost of 3.3333 trillion minus wage reductions.

He added, "The total additional cost of working hours was reduced 142.2 billion won in 2018 compared to the previous year, but the increase in SMEs was 420 billion won. "That means little damage to SMEs and manufacturing." In this context, Roh suggests that increasing SME productivity must be accompanied, and that special laws are enacted to increase SME productivity.

Professor Lee Han-Ho also said, "In a situation where labor supply and demand is not easy, if labor productivity increases and labor costs increase, it leads to the SME crisis." That is necessary. "Professor Lee stressed," In the root industry, such as mushrooms and heat treatment, due to severe labor shortages, the suspension of the trial must be reviewed, and high-income white-collar workers with certain salaries must be excluded from working hours regulations. "

Company officials, who became panelists, complained of difficulties in the field. Jung Han-sung, CEO of Xinhua Fastener Co., Ltd., said, "The overtime work system, which is limited every week, must be reorganized to be expanded monthly or annually like Japan." Han Yong-hee, general manager of Hanshin Special Engineering Co., Ltd., said, "We can get in the way of our work commitments by looking for a side job for fear of a salary reduction." The freedom to work more for them must be respected. "Lee Seung-gil, Professor from Ajou University, said," It is difficult to cope with environmental changes such as advances in industrial structure and work style diversification. "" Implementation of the 52-hour week, which is only one month away, is a crisis for small and medium-sized businesses. " Depressed by Lee Sang Hoon

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