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[스포츠조선 남재륜 기자] Hwang Mi-na reveals annoyance towards Kim Jong-min.

CHOSUN reality reality TV entertainment program & # 39; Love Taste & # 39; Kim Jong-min and Hwang Mi-sunna met with another crisis ahead of the end of the contract on the 100th.

On the 100th day of the contract, some miners and couples are once again in a state of tension, at the end of the dating contract. Kim Jong-min, who has a complicated mind after traveling with Hwang Mi-na, goes fishing with Chun Myung-hun, his best friend and 20-year-old fishing friend. On this occasion, Kim Jong-min shows special affection to Chun Myung Hoon that Hwang Mi-Na is filling his head in all places. Kim Jong-min said, "I want to talk to private people, and I want to know what this feeling is when I speak." "I like women, and Mina is the biggest when I draw brain structures."

In fact, I tried to have a public love affair, but a man was also harmed, and I thought I would follow it like a tag, "Chun Myeong-hoon said," Mina also likes you. "However," he said. Kim Jong-min also said, "I don't want to get hurt when Mina is worse."

On the other hand, Hwang Mi-na, who has a bigger heart for Kim Jong-min, confessed his friend's frustration, and finally concluded, "My brother doesn't like me." However, Kim Jong-min actually has an emotional feeling about Hwang Mi-na, but he is worried about Hwang Mi-na's tag because of his public love.

However, the two men continued their efforts to reveal an awkward atmosphere. Hwang Mi-Na, who visited the fishing spot, played with Kim Jong-min first, and Kim Jong-min gave a pampering and warm tea to the cold Hwang Mi-na. In addition, Kim Jong-min gave boiled chicken broth, saying, "I will do it today" in return for his last birthday.

During a meal together, Hwang Mi-na said an enthusiastic response to "thank you and sorry" that Kim Jong-min received after his birthday. Hwang Mi-na said, "I don't think my brother likes me, but I just want to make him look good on the show, I'm very sincere, I decide I have to hold back."

Kim Jong-min said, "I don't know how to think," he said, "I don't like it because I don't like it too much.

Kim Jong-min said, "I tried to save my speech, because I can't hurt you." Then Hwangmina cried, "What is the word that hurts me?" Kim Jong-min said, "I can't be revealed … Please don't cry." Kim Jong Min repeatedly said, "I can't let expressions fall. Hwangmina asks," Just say more. "

However, when a warm conversation between the two people became clear with honest conversation, Hwang Mi-na asked, "What will happen to us after the 100-day contract ends?" At that time, Kim Jong-min said, "I don't know, that's true." He said, "I have to ask the production crew." When a misunderstanding is reversed again, Jongma or the couple faced again arouses curiosity whether they can overcome the crisis.

Lee Philo expressed public love in public during Seo Su-yeon and Busan trips.

Lee Pil-mo and Seo Su-yeon began a tour of Busan in earnest starting with Nampo-dong where the Busan International Film Festival was held. However, when & # 39; couples are inevitable & # 39; arrived at Nampo-dong, I was confronted by a crowded crowd to see Lee. Because of this, Seo Su-yeon, who was not used to the eyes of many people, seemed to struggle without knowing what to do.

In the end, & # 39; the inevitable partner & # 39; hurry to Nampo, after a hurry, and there is an incident that invites Emperor Lee to the film festival stage. Lee, who was constantly worried, kept thinking and said, "I have a heart that I've felt lately. I like it very much." He acknowledged his sincere heart to Seo Su Yeon in front of the crowd. The studio players exploded with envy, "This is almost a public proposal."

Since then, & # 39; Inevitable Pair & # 39; has moved to an evening appointment with his friends. Seo Soo-yeon, touched by Lee's friends, Kang Sung-soo, said, "I want to give back to my brother's friends." Suddenly the meeting was held when taking Lee's friends.

But once they entered the store, the boss, the inevitable fan of the couple, was in a shameful situation when asked, "Let me answer before the eyes of the whole nation." After all, Lee felt embarrassed and nodded, saying "Yes."

After that, Lee's friends said to Seo Su-yeon at a dinner party, "I don't do this, I have pods, I don't have fun, I don't have a word." Seo Su-yeon surprises her friends by saying, "This is very expressive."

In addition, Lee Philhm said, "Are you associating with a professional, is that real?" I revealed my heart to my hands with a hand gesture. Seo Su-yeon shows the same hand movements and answers "I am the same heart."

Then, they said, "Let's get married quickly," he said, "we meet until spring, and we have to get married next year."

Lee also said, "I met at the end of the evening, and I turned and saw it.

Finally, the pair Joo Jun-yeop and Oh Ji-Hye are taken. My mother worked hard to date, and I prepared a dining table for Byeongyeol. Despite the rain, he could not hide his joy. He prepares a sunflower bouquet and heads to Oh Ji Hye.

Luckily, the rain stopped. The MCs cheered, saying, "Love from an old bachelor who supports the sky." Both of them rushed to the campsite. He is impressed with the bread prepared by Oh Ji-hye. On the rail bike, Guk Joon-yeop asks Oh Ji-hye, "Is there another place I want to go to in Korea?" And replied, "I don't have someone to go with me, but I met Ji-hye and now I have to look for it."

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