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& # 39; Season 2 will come when big photos & # 39; Woo Hyogwang, last memories leave & # 39; Goodbye & # 39;[종합]

[OSEN=김수형 기자]The last words from the youngest actor in the big picture, Hyo Kwang, made her breasts.

The last time was drawn with Kim Sook, Chao Loo, and Woo Hyo Kwang at & # 39; Big Picture Family & # 39; SBS Entertainment which was broadcast on the 10th.

On this day, while preparing bean sprout soup and beef soup for Kim Sook Lee members, the members conducted lectures on meditation to Park. But when the delicious aroma continues, the members cannot concentrate and laugh. The bean sprouts that flow in the sparkling rice stream are finished. I finished the cooked rice so that I could grind all the eggs and kim which could not fall into the rice dumplings. Everyone is hungry and clean in place. Everyone praised Kim Sook, and Park Chan-ho said, "This is all because of meditation."

Next, I went out for a walk. Cha In Pyo said that the member left someone. He then took his camera and went to meet his client. I arrived at the end of the village tongue tongue. That's only one elementary school. Cha In Pyo is a dream school, saying that the school is like a fairy tale with the sea in front of the school.

Then I entered the classroom where the students were. The young students were confused. Then he showed me one of the larvae that I caught. About the children's first impression, Kim Sook smiled, said, "This is the figure of a caterpillar caught" and "Very strange, but it's funny and very funny to collect the earth." Members finally introduce themselves. But all children don't know. Park said to Chan Ho, "I don't like baseball," and he laughed at Cha In Pyo saying that he didn't know his name, "uncle shampoo." Kim Sook-sik, said, "Park Narae" was humiliated.

Next time I have time to learn about children. I heard about children's dreams. The members decided to realize their dreams with the "dream dream" concept, a photo shop that went into the future. Cha In Pyo teaches children enthusiastically to pose directly.
I spoil the pure appearance of children in any pose. Park Chan-ho also joined and made a hot fever. It's a photo shop filled with laughter.

Cha In-pyo said, "People who ask their dreams are people who ask about their dreams." "Someone listens to their dreams."
I want children to remember and respect each other even as time passes.

All members gather together. I headed to the Hallyeo Marine National Park to enjoy the sunset. That's to take the best Tongyeong picture. I was impressed by all the unexpected fantastic views. Then Seo Young Ryu jumps into the water like a fish that meets water watching the pool. Chao Lulu mentioned a swimmer, Hyo Hyung Kwang, who laughed when he said, "Are you wrinkling in front of the pupa?"

This mood changed, and the members decided to play the game. Starting with Cha In-pyo and Park Chan-ho,
However, Park Chan-ho's hand in the room, Cha In – pyo turned towards Di and smiled broadly. Cha In-pyo, who was embarrassed, said, "I know this is entertainment," and decided to do it again. Both of them got hungry, and the two men fell into the pool after a desperate battle. At this time, I got Hyo Kwang from Woo, I took the top of Hwangryong in a cool way as a former swimmer.

The Gambar Besar family was accompanied by Kim Suk Chao Lu for his last dinner. "When I take pictures, my passion is very bright," Kim said. After that, I spent my meal happily at the end of Kim Sook's scolding.

Dawn the next day, Hyo Kwang also took out my luggage and went out. Ryu Soo Young who wakes up sees Woo Hyogwang and decides to go to the car. It turned out that Hyo Kwang was also the last day. Hyo Kwang said, "I took lots of photos when I was in Photoshop, but I learned a lot when I was with my brother and I lived like family," he said.

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