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& # 39; Nina Kid & # 39; Eun-soo is nine years after a medal like Yuna

Skating player Eun-Soo Lee played for free skating in the fifth round of the 2018 ~ season Grand Prix. Eun-Soo Lim was ranked third. [모스크바 AP=연합뉴스]

Skating player Eun-Soo Lee played for free skating in the fifth round of the 2018 ~ season Grand Prix. Eun-Soo Lim was ranked third. [모스크바 AP=연합뉴스]

Korean female characters have won medals in the Grand Prix competition after nine years since Kim Yu-na (28).

Eun-Soo Lim (15, Han River) runs a bronze medal with a total score of 185.67 in the Los Telecom Cup women's singles competition, the fifth round of the Figure Skating Grand Prix International Ice Skating Championship held in Moscow, Russia. Eun-Soo Lim won 127.91 points in personal skating that day and 57.76 points in the short program the previous day. The gold medal winner is PyeongChang Winter Olympic who won the gold medal for single daughter Ali Na Matorova (16, Russia) with 225.95 points and silver medalist Sophia Roberta (16, Russia) with 198.01 points respectively.

South Korea has not been able to produce figure skating medalists since Kim Yu – na (28), & # 39; Queen of Figure & # 39; in 2009. "Yeaa Kid" was a player who entered the numbers after seeing Kim Yu Na take the gold medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. Some of these players won the Grand Prix Junior, but the Senior Grand Prix did not offer medals. On the other hand, Cha Jun-hwan (16, ummmong), a man, won a bronze medal in two consecutive matches at the Grand Prix skating last year. Eun-Soo Lim's medal opens the era of male and female propaganda that Korean characters did not experience during Kim Yu-na's time.

Lee Eun-soo commented on the management team (All Such Sports), "I participated in the Senior Grand Prix series for the first time this season. I went to two competitions for two weeks and it was a little difficult on my fitness level, but I was happy with the results. valuable. "Eun-Soo Lim won sixth place in the NHK Trophy, the fourth Grand Prix in Hiroshima, Japan, on September 9-11, failed to win a medal. However, I enjoyed the joy of my first medal in the fifth competition held in a week.

& # 39; Yuna Kid & # 39; Eun Soo Lee and & # 39; The Queen of Figure & # 39; Kim Yu-na. [사진 임은수 SNS]

& # 39; Yuna Kid & # 39; Eun Soo Lee and & # 39; The Queen of Figure & # 39; Kim Yu-na. [사진 임은수 SNS]

Lee Eun-su, representative from & # 39; Yinna Kid & # 39; said in an interview on the ISU website recently, "When I was six," I was able to get a glimpse of my sister's costume and start the figure. " Lim Eun-soo hasn't reached the age of 16 at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games in February, but he is considered a promising player in the future, and appears in international players and the Pyeongchang Olympic Gala Show. Four years later, at the Beijing Winter Olympics Kim Yu-na, who has seen the possibility of Eun-Soo Lee, is not hesitant to give advice and guidance every time he arrives there. "When he competed in the tournament, his sister also sent a message of joy and advice. Sometimes in Korea (at the ice rink) we also provide guidance. "

Im Eun-soo is cool in a leap. This leap made it fourth place at last year's junior world championship and fifth place this year. Im Eun-soo also plays triple lutz-triple toe loop combination jumping like Kim Yu-na. In this free skating tournament, I made this jump as the first jump, and I received 1.52 points for the base score (10.10 points). Since then, triple loops and triple jumps have all jumped cleanly.

It was young, but various facial expressions were very good. In addition, the western type body with long legs and attractive appearance makes smoke more prominent. Coach Brian Orser (57, Canada), who is a teacher of Kim Yu-na, also said, "I have the quality to be a world player." Sang Sang, a member of the SBS image guide commented, "Im Eun-soo is an athlete who is expected to have a good future in terms of jumping and skating."

Eun – Soo Lee trained near LA this season. It was led by coach Rafael Artunian (61), a "leap expert" from Armenia. The Artists coach teaches Michelle Kwan and Asada Mao. These days, Nathan Chen (19, US), Ashley Wagner (27, US) and Honda Marin (17, Japan) will lead the monster leap. Management officials said, "I have good respiration with Artianian Coach during the US training period. It's not easy to leave Korea and practice abroad, but my mother can accompany me and adapt well." Eun-Soo Lim said, "Training with players – great players are very helpful. "

After the tournament, Eun-Soo Lim returned to LA, the battery training center, and returned home early next month to participate in the Presidential Ranking Competition (December 21-23). If you are in 3rd place in this tournament, you can go to the ISU Continental Championship.

& # 39; Kim Yu-na Posts & # 39; Lee Eun-su

Birth: February 26, 2003
Key: 1m63cm
preliminary: 2009
Benefits: Long and expressive jump distance
Individual peaks: 196.31 points (4th season 2018 ~ 19 Grand Prix)
Stand up: 2016 ~ 17th Junior World Championship # 4
2018 ~ 19th Grand Prix 5th prize tournament
Hobby: Make bread
Nick name: Curl (similar to Pokémon characters)

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