& # 39; I don't know why you are so beautiful & # 39; … explosion of fireballs


At the end of the honey tour, the moonlight exploded.

At SBS & # 39; Burning Youth & # 39; (next & # 39; Invisible & # 39;), the last part of the Honeysuckle honey tour was released.

Today, Kang Kyung Heon and Lee Yeon-soo revealed the last tour of a honey tour. Their final destination is amusement parks and carts. Especially, guiding the number of honey trying hard to like the older sister.

Lee Kyung-jin, "I've never been to an amusement park," said the first visit to the amusement park, attracting attention. Lee Kyung-jin also seems a little strange at first with the youth, but he seems to be naturally harmonious and happy as a child. In particular, he showed songs that he had never seen before.

Lee Kyung-jin said, "I don't think it's important for me to spend the night with my good friends in the fall. I think it's good to challenge."

Yang Kyung-Kyung gave pocket money to Kang Kyung-heon and Lee Yeon-soo who acted as guides. Lee Yeon-su and Kang Kyung-heon said, "Are we okay?"

When leaving for the first time, when the bus is full of people, Yi Yeon-soo's guide, Kang Kyung-heon, Choi Sung-gook and Park Sun- They each leave for various reasons, leaving only this. Choi Sung-gook said, "Everyone has left and we are left alone.

When he headed for the cart, Lee said to Choi, "I wish I could be with three beautiful girls." Choi Sung-guk said, "Why don't you think that you will be good?"

Kang Kyung-heon commented on Lee Yeon-soo and Choi Sung-guk, "Isn't that some of the original ones? Why did this happen?" Lee refers to the past with Choi Sung-gook and proposes to try to say something later. Choi said, "I have no complaints to you. If you have words to say, why are you so beautiful?"

The bus arrived at the gate of the cart. The Honeysuckle honey tour is completed by warming up the car racing.

(SBS funE editor Kim Hyo Jeong)


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