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[폴인인사이트] "Even three breaths a day rest properly … meditation is to build up big data about you"

The start was a small meeting last summer. Yoo Jung-eun, owner of the Mabo meditation application, talked about the Wizdom 2.0 meditation conference based in Silicon Valley.

"Meditation is not difficult. It's back inside you. Come on do it now. Close your eyes Look how you feel. "

There is a representative from Perception Design Consulting Company. I close my eyes at Yoo's suggestion, but my heart rings.

"I was mistaken because I took care of myself. But when I close my eyes, enlightenment comes. "I have an obsession. You encourage me so much because you think you have to do well in a fast-changing world." I never thought I needed help with my care, but I think I need to check with help. "

So both of them hold hands. Yoo said, "I plan to hold Wisdom 2.0 in Korea." Choi said, "I want to actively support the conference." The two are co-hosts of Wisdom 2.0 Korea, which will be held on March 19, 20 next year on Nodeul Island, Seoul.

Yoo Jung-eun and Mabo (left)

Yoo Jung-eun, representative of Mabo (left) and Choi, president of Perception, said, "Everyone needs an opportunity to look into the mind. Photo by Kim Yeon-ji Marketer Falls

Both have in common: they work hard in their fields and establish themselves as experts. Representative Yoo Jung-eun majored in psychology and worked as an organizational and human resources consultant. "To create a healthy organization, we must not change the organizational structure or staffing system, but the mind of every member of the organization must be healthy. Since then, he introduced the Google employee training meditation program and launched Korea's first mindful meditation application, Mabo. Mr. Choi has led the company design consultant for 17 years and is said to be very good at "customer experience design." This project has attracted attention such as Place Camp Jeju, Hollys Coffee, and Social Table 'Table'.

It was held on November 30th, ahead of Wisdom 2.0 Korea <폴인 마인드 컨퍼런스 : 일의 기쁨과 슬픔>Asking two people to stand together. What is meditation and why modern people need it.

Many people feel rejected by the word meditation. It smells a little religious.
Min Hyun "I have a similar feeling. I even thought it might be a false religion (laugh). The more fundamental cause of rejection is, 'I can manage my own thoughts. I don't need someone else's help. & # 39; But that day, Yoo Jung felt when meeting representatives. I am not humble. "
Yoo Jeong Eun "Mindfulness meditation has brought meditation into the realm of science and real life by separating it from religious and mystical elements. Meditation is the act of looking into your heart. Modern people feel insecure. There are almost no exceptions, from new employees to well-managed leaders. I always thought I was short, and I could not keep up with the changes in the world. Many workers say that they are tired because of work, but I don't think they are tired because of work. 'Is this the right way? Is it true to live like this? & # 39;

If you meditate, do you see whether this path is right for you?
Yoo Jeong Eun "Mindfulness meditation does not teach you the purpose or the answer. But that could be the process of making a compass in my mind. Think about a compass. Compass needle not installed. Every time I change direction, it moves well and helps me get in the direction I want without getting lost. Mindfulness meditation is to train the compass in my mind. And for this compass to work well, you need to practice seeing what it really is. Most people view the world as their standard. I wear sunglasses. This is the beginning of meditation to see your situation and yourself objectively. "
Min Hyun "Design is about finding problems or opportunities around us and providing new solutions. When I come to my smartphone and all products and services have the word "smart", I think about it. What's next after 'smart'? I think that would be "wisdom." This is not a smart state that absorbs all this information, but a wise state that knows what I need.

Aren't there too many people who are too busy to meditate? Many people think that meditation is not in accordance with progressive spirits such as growth, innovation, and challenges.
Yoo Jeong Eun "If you think about it, you have to check it first. If you meditate, the challenging spirit will disappear. 'You can't miss' is fear. Those who are aware of it can see a very important question, 'What's the most important thing in my life right now?' I meditated to find the answer to that question. "
Min Hyun "Designers are people who always have to look around and run forward. There's a lot of energy, so after a big project, many team members are exhausted. I study while learning meditation. I have to stay away from the project. This is called 'objective' Yu said before. "Is this design for whom?" "What value does it give?" Only after this exercise will you get very good results. I do not meditate to become an expert at it, but I think it is necessary to work more consistently and creatively. I later learned that many business leaders meditate. "
Yoo Jung is Mabo's representative

Yoo Jung-woo said, "You can face yourself and get big data about yourself just by taking three breaths every morning." Photo by Kim Yeon-ji Marketer Falls

How can I start an office worker who wants to meditate?
Yoo Jeong Eun "Meditation doesn't need a special time or place. You can face yourself just by taking three breaths every morning. Do this while sitting in the morning and turning on the computer. Take a deep breath and scan your body from head to foot. Look how you feel during the second breath. And when you breathe for the third time, make a statement about how you want to spend your day. You can examine your body and mind by only taking these three breaths every morning. If you repeat it every day, big data about your condition will accumulate. Knowing about me is also like that. "
Min Hyun "For me, cooking or knitting is a time of meditation. I feel my brain is always busy for a while. "
Yoo Jeong Eun "This is an important insight. This is an exercise to expand the space between stimulus and response. If a thought bites its tail, it cannot know the mind's direction. When you knit or go for a walk, you come out of the river of thoughts for a while and see the direction of that thought. Cognitive training is meditation. "

Why hold a Wisdom 2.0 conference in Korea?
Yoo Jeong Eun "Wizdom 2.0 first started in Silicon Valley 10 years ago. In addition to the story of meditation, IT leaders have grown to discuss how to live happier. I want to share this important discourse with Korea. "
Min Hyun "One of the things I realized when I learned meditation was that for me to be happy, society had to change. Many of the problems I experienced, such as hard work as a worker or discrimination as a woman, did not change because I worked alone. Many people advocate, "To be happy, have dignity," but you don't respect me. So I think we need a public place to share our stories, not our own stories. "

<폴인 마인드 컨퍼런스 : 일의 기쁨과 슬픔>It will be held on November 30th at the Spiegen Hall in Samsung-dong, Seoul. Tickets can be purchased from the Polein web page. [사진 폴인]"data-src =" "data-type =" article "/><span class=

<폴인 마인드 컨퍼런스 : 일의 기쁨과 슬픔>It will be held on November 30th at the Spiegen Hall in Samsung-dong, Seoul. Tickets can be purchased from the Polein web page. [사진 폴인]

Both will host Korean Wisdom 2.0 in March next year. <폴인 마인드 컨퍼런스 : 일의 기쁨과 슬픔>Talk more about the modern mind. On November 30, at Spiegen Hall in Samsung-dong, Seoul, brain scientist Jang Dong-sun, head of Hyundai Motor's Future Technology Strategy Team, Nam Se-dong Voyager X, Ha Yoojin Institute of Psychological Research, Kim Soo-hyang, Soo- Hyang Kim, CEO of Min-chae Chae, Insuk Company, Yang Seok-won Free School Operator is present. To register, visit the FALLIN web pageIt may be.

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