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[정치]Korean-Japanese-Japanese chain talks in Thailand intensively discuss 'Jisomia'

US Defense Secretary ROK-Goes to Thailand Attends ASEAN Ministerial Meeting Extended
Participate in the Japanese Kono Defense Prize … Korean-American Defense Secretary
The Minister of Defense held talks in Bangkok


The US-Korea Defense Minister, who opened the Korea-US Security Council, will attend the two-day ASEAN Minister of Defense Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.

There will be a series of defense minister meetings, specifically relating to whether a breakthrough from the Korea-Japan Military Information Protection Agreement and an extension of Chisomia, which is less than a week away, will be held.

Reporter Lim Sung-ho reports from Bangkok, Thailand.


The Secretary of Defense for the 51st Korea-US Security Council goes to Thailand side by side.

I am here to attend the six-day ASEAN-ROK Minister of Defense Meeting which will be held for two days.

When Japanese Defense Minister Kono Taro participates, the Secretary of Defense will be gathered in one place.

Government officials said talks would be held in Bangkok with three defense ministers.

The core agenda is the matter of Korea and Japan.

It was less than a week before the end, and US-Japanese defense ministers urged to end their efforts to emphasize US-Japanese security cooperation and to extend Somalia's extension.

[마크 에스퍼 / 미국 국방장관 : 지소미아 연기나 한일 관계의 계속된 갈등과 경색으로 득을 보는 것은 북한과 중국입니다.]

The outlook for the conversation is unclear.

President Moon Jae-in, who had previously met with US Defense Secretary Mark Esper, stressed that it was difficult to share military information with Japan, which he said was not safe for security.

For this reason, skepticism of the ROK-Japanese defense minister in Thailand will only reaffirm differences between South Korea and the US in relation to the Jisomia issue.

However, as talks between the ROK-Japanese defense ministers continue and the possibility of mediation by the Defense Secretary, Spurs, will be discussed.

YTN Lim Sung-ho in Bangkok, Thailand.

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