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[전국]Fire fishing for Jeju blackfish … 1 death, 11 missing



A fishing boat catches a burning short sword in the western sea of ​​Jeju, where a sailor is killed and 11 are lost.

Sea views look for the surrounding sea, but bad weather makes it difficult to find missing people.

I'm Lee Yoon-jae.


Giant smoke came out of the sea, leaving only the tail.

Lifeboats come with white foam, but there is no way to get your hands on the boat.

A 29 ton ship fired 70 km west of Chaguido, Jeju Island, was fired at around 7:05 a.m.

The boat was burned at around 9:40 am, and only the boat's tail flew.

[백학선 / 제주해경 경비안전과장 : 오전 9시 40분경 대성호는 화재로 인해 선체가 전복되어 선미 부분은 표류 중이고 선수 부분은 두 동강이 나서 침몰한 것으로 추정되고 있습니다.]

There are 12 crew members on the ship.

There are six Koreans and six Vietnamese workers.

Among them, 60-year-old Kim Mo was found unconscious around 10:20.

Found without wearing a life jacket, Kim was taken to hospital by helicopter but died.

Maritime police see the golden age of surviving missing people 24 hours and searching around the hull and ship, but did not find other missing people.

[백학선 / 제주해경 경비안전과장 : 총 3회에 걸쳐 구조대원 3명이 선미 부분 선체 내부 수색하였으나 추가 승선원은 발견하지 못한 상황입니다.]

Jeju Sea, which had an accident, has waves as high as 3m and winds are hard to find.

The marine police plan to conduct an intensive marine search around fishing vessels and, if the sea weather improves, use unmanned submarines to search in the hull again.

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