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[전국]Crane fell again at Daecheon Port and one person died


A similar accident occurred again at Daecheon Port, Chungnam, where two victims were reported in a crane accident more than a month ago.

This time, one person was killed when the tow truck fell, and action was needed to prevent it from repeating.

Reporter Lee Mun-suk reports.


When the crane brings gear to the van, the car is twisted and lifted up and hit.

At around 9 am, a 25-ton vehicle crane fell at Boryeong Daecheon Port.

The accident killed a male sailor in his 50s next to a truck.

The cranes that fell were very heavy and the rain fell very heavily at the location so it took a long time to resolve the incident.

The fishermen insisted that the loading and unloading site of the crane was narrowed by long-distance cars parked indiscriminately at the dock.

[박상우 / 보령시 근해안강망 협회장 : 그런 차들 때문에 바짝, 안전하게 세팅을 못 하고 그러다 보니까 무리하게 어구를 들어서 하역을 하다 보니까 이런 사고가 발생이 된 거거든요.]

More than a month ago, a similar crane accident occurred while moving equipment from Daecheon Port.

At this time, the crane anchored at the pier collapsed, killing two fishing boats.

Lift a rough concrete wall.

Around 10 a.m., the hospital wall that was being built in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, collapsed.

Two people, including workers in their fifties who worked in the accident, fell from the building and died.

[소방 관계자 : 3층 병실 리뉴얼 공사 현장이었다고 하는데요. 그 현장에서 ㄱ자 옹벽이 무너지면서 추락을….]

White smoke came out of the building, and sparks ignited.

A fire broke out in a new apartment building in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do.

Firefighters are investigating a fire on a board on the first floor of the mall.

YTN Lee Moon-seok[]Is.

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